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Nicolas Martin & Juana de Avalos

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By dcalonso - Posted on 01 June 2018

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum

I’m trying to find out information about Nicolas Martin and Juana de
Avalos, who would’ve been born about 1680 in Jalostotlitlan or San Juan de
los Lagos. Their daughter Teresa Martin aka Gomez married Antonio Limon
daughter of Diego Limon and Marta de Ornelas in 1717:

I’m not sure if Nicolas Martin and Juana de Avalos are the only names they
use since these families seem to use multiple names. Thank you

Danny C. Alonso

Just a guess from my observations of some patterns I've noticed that may or not apply to your case.

1. All other couples state either Indios or espanoles, except for that marriage.
-- my guess, Antonio Limon is espanol and Teresa Martin is India or mestiza. This is based on that I've seen most people with Limon in that time are Espanol and most Indios have two first names (Nicolas Martin) without a traditional Spanish surname.

2. I have noticed during this period Indios, mestizos, mulatos, and esclabos don't always have a traditional last name or pass it on to their children.

Another possibility is that Juana descends from this family and that is why we find De Avalos (Davalos) and Gomez in the family surnames. Just throwing out a family line from that area that has both De Avalos and Gomez.

9). Gonzalo de Avalos Tovar de Villaseñor and Antonia Hurtado de Mendoza

10) Gonzalo de Villaseñor Cervantes (b. Abt 1621) (m. 26/Sept/1650) and Juana Gomez de Espejo

11). Gonzalo Villaseñor Y Gomez (b. Abt 1660) ( buried 6/Aug/1733) and Teresa de Alva Bocanegra (m. March 1683, Aguascalientes)

12) Cristóbal Villaseñor y Alva ( bap. 7/Sept/1688 Aguascalientes) and Gertrudis Franco de Paredes.

Good luck,

Hi Danny

I have so many branches that dead end at different Juana de Ávalos, including a Juana de Ávalos y Villaseñor that’s married to Francisco de Calderón sometime towards the end of the 1600’s in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. I’m inclined to agree with Rick’s theory. I don’t think Nicolás Martín is an indio with two names. Nicolás Martín was a common name both among the Martín de Sotomayor and among the Martín del Campo.



Juana de Avalos Villasenor and FRancisco de Calderon are my ancestors to through Jose Diaz de Sotomayor and Leogarda de calderon. I acttually kind of thought that Juana de Avalos Villasenor might be related to family Mr Ricci mentioned since she use both Avalos and Villasenor.

Hola Danny:

Me he dado cuenta de que algunas familias se establecieron en Colima y de allí pasaron a otras zonas de Jalisco, Zacatecas y Michoacán.

En el libro Andariegos y pobladores en Nueva España y Nueva Galicia en el siglo XVI que está en línea se mencionan varias familias con el apellido Ávalos, tal vez te interese conocerlas porque tienen diferentes ubicaciones.




the problem is that there are too many people named Juana de Avalos. There's no way to figure out which is the right one.

There are too many Juana De Avalos at about the same time, and in the same region, for it to be a coincidence. I believe that both Juana De Avalos that Chris and Danny mentioned are part of the same greater family tree that I mentioned. I believe that they have an ancestor named Juana De Avalos and that they are named after her. It is also very likely that at least one of their fathers surname is not De Avalos as they are taking the surname from a mother or grandmother. All of this, of course, is speculation on my part. It’s going to take more research and sharing to put the pieces of the De Avalos family together.

Besides sharing the same first name and surname, many of them had different middle names to distinguish them.

Thank you Danny, Marcelina, O.J., and Chris,

Rick A. Ricci

Mr. Ricci,

i agree that Juana de Avalos y Villasenor that's married to Francisco de Calderon is definitely connected to this family, especially since she uses both names. My guess is she's born between 1665 and 1675 probably in Fresnillo, Zacatecas. She married Francisco de Calderon probably about 1690 but the records in that area aren't available. But there's so many Avalos y Villasenor families also that it makes it almost impossible to figure out the right one.

Miguel de Avalos y Villasenor was born about the same time and could be a sibling

This Bernardino de Avalos that married Josefa Perez de Bocanegra in 1664 about the time our Juana de Avalos y Villasenor that married Francisco de Calderon was born and also about the same time as Juana de Avalos married to Nicolas Martin was born, but they have a Juana married to someone elseÁvalos-31

This Gonzalo de Villaseñor y Zúñiga that married Aldonsa Ávalos é Híjar actually has a Juana de Avalos y Villasenor born about 1655 i think but thats about 10 to 20 years before my estimate, but I guess it's still possible and definitely probably one of the sources for the Avalos y Villasenor name

This Gaspar de Avalos is the right age to be the father of either Juana de Avalos:

Same with his brother Baltazar de Avalos:

Same with his brother Nicolas de Avalos y Villasenor married to Ines de Ortega:

Same with his brother Melchor de Avalos:

This Agustin de Avalos that married Magdalena Ruiz is also the perfect age to be the father of either Juana de Avalos:

this Nicolas Garcia de Avalos is also the perfect age to be the father of either Juana:

this Luis de Avalos is also the perfect age to be the father of either Juana:

although, I personally like two couples the most. The one you mentioned: Gonzalo de Villasenor and Juana Gomez de Espejo:ñor_y_Cervantes-3

and Nicolás de Ávalos y Villaseñor married to Inés de Ortega Bocanegra. But really there are dozens of possibilities and most of those possibilities are also probably all closely related.

Dear Danny,

A couple of questions came to mind while reading your comments. The first question that Comes to mind is “How are you determining your age estimates?” What evidence do you have for limiting the person to a certain time period? How big is the time window? This is important information to have and share when looking for more information. The second concern I have is that you are looking for Juana De Avalos father with a De Avalos surname. In this time period, a woman is often named after a mother, or grandmother, so she then wouldn’t have her father’s surname. Most, if not all, of your comments about possible fathers to Juana De Avalos have a De Avalos surname. You need to expand your search to include other members of this family tree where the De Avalos surname comes from a grandparent or mother, and not from the father.

Rick A Ricci

Mr. Ricci,

I estimated the birth of Juana de Avalos y Villasenor that's married to Francisco de Calderon based on the baptism and marriages of her children. the last baptism i can find was for 1703 for their daughter Josefa, so I figure that Juana de Avalos y Villasenor probably wasn't born before 1660. their daughter that i descend from Leogarda de Villasenor aka leogarda de calderon married in the 1709, so i think she was born around the early 1690s, so i placed her mother, Juana de Avalos y Villasenor's birth between the early 1670s to early 1660s. the other Juana de Avalos that's married to Nicolas Martin was probably born a little later maybe even 1680, but i don't have a lot of info on them since there's no record at all of a Nicolas Martin or Juana de Avalos on Family Search. I based that Juana de Avalos's birth on her daughter Theresa Martin aka Theresa Gomez. Theresa Martin/Gomez was married to Antonio Limon, son of Diego Limon and Marta de Ornelas. Antonio Limon's baptism was July 1698, so I guessed his wife Theresa Martin/Gomez was born about the same time, so I guess her mother Juana de Avalos was born between 1680 and 1670.

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