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Pedro Ortiz and Catalina Ramirez

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By dcalonso - Posted on 31 May 2018

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

I’m wondering if someone is familiar with the couple Pedro Ortiz and
Catalina Ramirez, they would’ve been born towards the end of the 1500s or
early 1600s in Aguascalientes probly. Does anyone know anything about them
or who their parents are?
Danny C. Alonso

Hi Danny,

I don’t know Pedro Ortiz and Catalina Ramirez’s origins, but they baptized Ana on 2 Jul 1623, in San Matias, Pinos, Zac. Her padrino was Melchor de Espinosa. Ana is likely the same who married Bernabe Ruiz de Esparza, 11 May 1643, in Ags.

Good luck!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Thank you Manny. This is good information.

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