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Libros De La Nueva Espana

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 19 May 2018

I had the idea that there were a number of books during the colonial days of Mexico.

So I did a search in the Pars website archive for "libros"

Then on the left hand side filter by "archivos de indias" and then again "contains digital objects"

So I can only get list of archives of the americas with documents pertaining to books.

Because some of those books may have illustrations such as places to see what they looked like back then.

Daily Life in Colonial Mexico: The Journey of Friar Ilarione da Bergamo, 1761-1768

The majority of the documents I use are basic sacramental records, and unfortunately they contain very little information about our ancestors’ daily lives in the colonial era. So, I forgot how, but one day I came across Friar Ilarione’s book and wound up reading it twice because it helped me imagine and picture what life was like back then. It helped that his life’s story is somewhat interesting too. I recommend it.

En ésta liga se puede leer cuáles fueron los primeros libros que se imprimieron en la Nueva España.

Por otro lado, para saber más sobre la vida privada puede leerse la Sumaria Relación sobre las cosas de la Nueva España de Baltasar Dorantes de Carranza. Hay un libro de John Super sobre la vida en el México colonial.



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