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Where can I find Government Documents of Huejuquilla, Jalisco year 1880?

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 10 May 2018

Does anyone have any ideas of archives that I can browse through pertaining to Government of Huejuquilla year 1880?

Because I believe that my Great Grandfather may have been the mayor of Huejuquilla in 1880 as I had seen his signatures in Civil Records of 1880 in

There is a gap pertaining to who the mayors were in Huejuquilla. Missing names from years 1862 - 1895.

Hi Antonio.

Calixto Madera was the Presidente municipal de Huejuquilla on 1880 as can be seen on the following pdf file:

Please scroll down to page LXXXVII:

"Los CC. Director político de Totatiche, Director político de Mesquitic, Presidente municipal de Chimaltitan, Presidente municipal de Huejuquilla, Presidente municipal de Huejúcar, Y Presidente municipal de Santa María me dicen lo que á la letra copio:"

Starting at the two last lines of the page:

"Pongo en el Superior conocimiento de vd. que acaban de pasar en ésta las elecciones primarias, las que conforme á las ritualidades de la ley se verificaron con todas las garantías apetecibles.--Libertad en la Constitución. Huejuquilla, Junio 28 de 1880.--Calixto Madera.--Al jefe político de Colotlan"

This is the book:

Hope you find helpful this information.

Thank you Ruben Hernandez! This is a big find and none of us knew about him being the Mayor of Huejuquilla.

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