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1668 detailed description of Huejuquilla (Huexuquilla)

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By MADERA_32 - Posted on 01 May 2018

I was looking at archive "Las Indias"

Did a search for "Zacatecas" and filtered by years from 1668 - 1734.

Several old books came up:[]=year%3A%221737%22&and[]=year%3A%221732%22&and[]=year%3A%221717%22&and[]=year%3A%221715%22&and[]=year%3A%221697%22&and[]=year%3A%221696%22&and[]=year%3A%221668%22

I picked first book which is over 400 pages and year 1668. In the book you can do a search by word which I searched for "huexquilla" Huejuquill El Alto, Jalisco, Mexico's old name. And a detailed description came up:


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