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By dgmiv - Posted on 09 April 2018

I am looking for 2 baptismal certificates for children on Roman Torres and Secundina Monreal. The family wound up in Aguascalientes, but these 2 certificates are from Cedral, San Luis Potosi. The first one is for Simona Florencia from 23 February 1860 and the second for Herculano from 14 November 1861. The FamilySearch index says they are both in film 707644, which is not for those years. Nevertheless, I just looked at every page of that book. No luck. Book 707644 is truly for the years is says it is for.
So, if anyone is looking for something to do today - HELP!
Thank you in advance.

after review of film 707644 I did not find them and I don't think they are contained in this film as it goes up only to 1808.

However, there is this couple during the same timeline with the same names from Guanajuato. Hope this helps.

Roman Torres
Deceased • MX6Y-7BR​
Secundina Monreal
Deceased • K8Z7-J7L​
Marriage: 13 OCT 1858

San Felipe,Guanajuato,Mexico

I noticed a lot of the films no longer match. I've come across at least 5 that don't match in the last few weeks so something has obviously changed at familysearch because they've always been right in the past. I would now look based on the years.

Danny C. Alonso

Thanks, Yes, I have the marriagel and various birth certificates from San Felipe. The problem is that San Felipe doesn't put any information, which is why I am very interested in finding the 2 from Cedral. I have come to the conclusion that there is a problem with the film number that was used. 707651 is not searchable - I think they used 707644 for 707651. But I still can't find them.

OK, I figured it out. Unfortunately, all of the records that say they are from Cedral, San Luis Potosi, Film 707644 are really from San Felipe, Guanajuato, film 644389. I found the two I was looking for. However, just like most of the records from San Felipe, they do not give names of abuelos.

Hi Daniel,

If you're trying to find the parents of Roman Torres and Secundina Monreal it's always easiest to go to the marriage first to see if the parents are named. If they're not named than look for the informacion matrimonial which usually is given about 30 days or less before the marriage. The IM shows that Roman Torres is 18 and the legitimate son of Cornelio Torres and Victoriana Olivares and Secundina Monreal is 15 and the legitimate daughter of Marcos Monreal and Prudencia Ramirez.


Hi Chris - Thank you SO much for reminding me about Informacion Matrimonial. I get so used to looking at records in Aguas, Zacatecas and Jalisco, which almost always have the names of parents, that I forget about them. This is just what I was looking for.


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