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Juan Sanches Salgado and Victoria Ballin

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By rmfpdx - Posted on 19 March 2018

These two are my 8th great-grandparents, from Nochistlan. Approximate DOB for Juan is 1705 and for Victoria is 1708. I don't know where they were born but I know they were married in Nochistlan on 25 Oct 1726.
Victoria was Juan's 2nd wife. His first wife was Juana Manuela Lupercio Lerman, who was born 1705 in La Laja, Jalisco and died by 25 Oct 1726.
By 1705, Juan was living in Cerrito Colorado, Jalisco.
My research is at a logjam and would love some additional information.

Hola Marcelina,

Gracias por contarme de tus amigas Barba y Martin De Jalostotitlan. Estas son las familias de mi esposa, y también las mías. Si conozco el pdf de los Villaseñor que mencionas. Tiene mucha información y es un buen trabajo. Pero tiene por lo menos dos errores que yo he encontrado. Alamejor hay más pero yo no más he encontrado a dos errores.

Gracias ,
Ricardo A. Ricci

When I first found out that I had so much Martin del Campo ancestry I was surprised. Then I thought to myself “ no wonder some family members have hearing issues.” But no close members of my family have multiple Sclerosis. The closest family members that I knew with multiple Sclerosis were fourth cousins, or so I thought. I found out yesterday that a second cousin that I hadn’t seen in a couple of decades had come down with symptoms soon after I last saw her. She passed away a couple years ago after succumbing to the symptoms. She didn’t come down with symptoms until she was an adult. My fourth cousins that suffered from multiple Sclerosis all experienced some symptoms prior to becoming adults.

Rick. A. Ricci

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