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GEDCOM Database Working Again

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By arturoramos - Posted on 07 March 2018

I apologize for the numerous errors on the site recently.

Our host has upgraded the server's PHP version to one that is incompatible with much of the software we are running. We are trying to migrate the site to newer versions.

As of today, I have migrated The Next Generation software used for the GEDCOM database to the latest version and that database should be working again.

Other upgrades will be forthcoming.

Hello Arturo:

It is working for me. Can I ask how I go about uploading a tree?


I can get into the GEDCOM database and see my tree.
I can only search my tree for last names.
I get the same error message.


I am interested in adding my tree too.


Ernesto Duran

I can't get my email to moderator to go thru so I can start a tree and start using GEDCOM database.

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