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Inquisicion Mexicana: ALONSO MACIAS VALADES / LAGOS 1571

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 24 February 2018

​Hola prim@s,​

More from the Santo Oficio de Mexico​. Here are my notes & links to 2 procesos involving Alonso Macias and other early residents of Lagos. I've only scanned through these and picked up some names, dates & locations; please feel free to read and add to the discussion.

The first is a proceso criminal contra Juan de Morales cc Leonor de Lara, vecinos de Mitique, por "palabras malsonantes," dated 06 Jun 1571 in Lagos. The judge is Alonso Macias Valades, who is also given the title, Teniente de Alcalde Mayor por Su Magestad (img164). Other names: Don Pedro Gobernador (I assume an indian cacique?), Hernando Martel Alcalde Mayor; Gaspar de la Mota Juez de Residencia; Diego de Rivera escribano nombrado; Miguel Loçano Presbitero/ Teocaltiche. Several Indians were called to testify, and the "naguatatos" are named. Thank you again, Alicia, for teaching us the meaning of this word!
Film # 007982935, img150

The next one is the "Proceso criminal contra Padre Pedro Nuñez Villavicencio cura de Lagos por la supercheria de haver revestido con los ornamentos a dos hombres para decir misa cantada sin tener ordenes."

This proceso was referenced by Miguel Beltran in an earlier NR thread, found here 12 Apr 2012:

This one is an easter egg: beginning on 11 Sep 1571, appearing as witnesses are:
- Alonso Macias Valades, hijo de Pᵒ Macias Balades y de Ana Rᵒˢ vecinos de la Villanueva de Bancarrota, edad de cincuenta años poco mas o menos - b. ca 1521 (img16 left);
- Doña Mariana de Velasco 28 muger de Lorenço Padilla Davila hija de Pedro Pacho cc Ana de Temiño;
- Francisco Palacios, Lorenço Padilla Davila 40+, Gutierre Padilla 23, Juan Davalos 30, Gaspar de Tapia 60, Alonso Marin de Mendoza 30, Juan Çorita (mercader), Juan de Çayas (carpintero).

There are more testigos, and the procesos go on for pages; again, please feel free to read and add to the discussion.

Film # 007982910 :

Gracias y saludos!
Manny Diez Hermosillo


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