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Intro de Alba Perez

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By Abraham - Posted on 30 January 2018

First of all, thank you for accepting me, This is certainly not my field, but I am familiar with research (biological). What I have found so far: My grand father PEDRO DE ALBA PEREZ (1887-1960), was born in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco since he was fairly educated, wrote a fair amount on several themes, and one of them was his child growing times, but no dates. So I know the names of his brothers and sisters, but no dates, am pretty sure all born in San Juan, although the family was accoustomed to moving around (but not very far). Brothers and Sisters: TIMOTEO, SALVADOR, PABLO, MARIA DE LA LUZ, CATALINA, ADELAIDA, GUADALUPE (I know she was a teacher and a school nearby has her name -need to ask if they have a biblio).Great-grand father (JOSE) LAMBERTO (DE) ALBA JIMENES (bat 1853, married 1880, d. ?) married LIBRADA PEREZ MUÑOS (b. ?, chris. 1863, d. ?) in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco.
It is clear to me that the (de) subscript was used rather loosely, and maybe only to note that it came from a "spanish" (vs. indian or criollo), I am a bit unsure about the spelling of ALBA, I have seen it with ALVA, so I am not sure if they are the same in the mind of the scribes that registred the bautisms.
I have found, very helpful, and although I have published my tree in , but the search engine is very poor (but found a tree by a UNAM resarcher that shows (JOSE) BLAS (DE) ALBA PERES (father of Lamberto) no (de) in the names).
I would greatly appreciate if anyone can direct me to any steps or search engines I should try. My file:

“If all you are trying to do is essentially the same thing as everyone else, then it’s unlikely you will be very successful.”   ~ Michael Porter

Abraham de Alba Avila
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this couple seems to fit your family and the Alva family goes way back to the 1600 perhaps farther as this line in the 1600 is family to many of the members of nuestrosranchos. Bracamonte, Yslas, Sotomaior etc. Some info does not have sources.

Blas Alva Perez
Deceased • KHXM-S9S​
Maria Adelaida De Jesus Jimenes
1836–Deceased • KCBK-DLV

Abraham, welcome to Nuestros Ranchos forum.

Lamberto and Librada got married in San Juan de los Lagos, Jalisco on 21 Jan 1880.

They were excused of a fourth degree consanginity impediment according to the marriage record:

They were third cousins. They both were the great-great-grandchildren of José María Pérez Franco as can bee seen on their family trees.They were the great-grandchildren of José María and Antonio, half brothers, and also children of the José María first mentioned.

Lamberto de Alba fam. tree:

Librada Pérez fam. tree:

Every underlined name is a link to the page with the information on that individual. Scrolling down on each one of these pages you will find a "Sources" section listing the supporting documentation.

Dear Abraham,

I loved your quote:
“If all you are trying to do is essentially the same thing as everyone else, then it’s unlikely you will be very successful.” ~ Michael Porter

The Perez De. Paredes Franco family tree posted on wikitree is incomplete.

Juan Perez De Paredes Is baptized on 7/Sep/1670 in Silao, Guanajuato. He was married in about 1693 to Gertrudis Hermosillo. Juan is the son of Alonso Perez Perestrello and Luisa Paredes y Franco.

Many people have different parents for Alonso Perestrello but I have his parents as the ones that Jaime Holcomb originally named in his church submissions, Diego Rodriguez Herrera (Ferrera) and Isabel Hernandez Muñoz. I am still looking for the “claimed” evidence that names different parents.

Luisa Paredes y Franco is the daughter of Blas Paredes and Ana María Molina y Montoya Franco.

Ana María died in 4/Jun/1660 and is the daughter of Sebastian Franco De Molina and Luisa Montoya.

Sebastian is the son of Pedro Franco VillaDiego (medical doctor/Jewish conversó) and Elvira Vasquez

Dr. Pedro Franco VillaDiego is the son of Rodrigo Franco and Maria VillaDiego.

Rodrigo Franco is the son of Diego Franco, born before 1485 in Villa De Dueñas, Palencia


Juan Perez De Paredes is the 7th great grandfather of my wife through his daughter Margarita Perez De Paredes who was married to Miguel Galvan De Rojas.

I descend from Juan’s brothers, Blas Perez De Paredes, José Perez de Paredes, Agustín Pérez de Paredes, Alonso Perez Franco.


Juan Perez De Paredes is married to Gertrudis Hermosillo

Gertrudis is the daughter of Miguel Gonzalez De Hermosillo and María Camarena

Wiktree has Miguel’s parents so I won’t post his ansestral line.

María Camarena is the daughter of Luis Camarena and Mariana Hurtado de Mendoza.

Luis is the son of Francisco Camarena and Luisa Andrea GUTIERREZ De Valdez

Mariana is the daughter of Gonzalo Ramirez Santiyana and Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza.

Isabel is the daughter of María Isabel Hurtado de Mendoza and Rodrigo Cristóbal Olives (This Isabel has a younger sister who also has a first name of Isabel, but the younger sister used the surname Olivares) (Isabel had a child out of wedlock with Luis Padilla Davila y Velasco, my mother descends from this line)

María Isabel is the daughter of Toribio Hernandez Arellano and Isabel Hurtado De Mendoza, ( you can find my previous posts on their ancestry here on nuestrosranchos.)

Rick A. Ricci
Source mygenes2000

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