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de Bargas Castaneda in Milpillas Zacatecas

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By andrea_e - Posted on 28 January 2018

Hello all,

I’m new here and sort of new to family research and have run into a few brick walls in my direct line. One of them is an Augustin Flores de la Torre cc Cathalina de Bargas Castaneda. They were Spanish and probably born between 1680-1690 in Milpillas and the records are coming out of Teul in Zacatecas. I descend from their daughter Francisca Flores de la Torre married to Martin del Muro. She’s either their first child or the first child I’ve found a record for, but she was baptized in Teul on 20 May 1706.

Augustin and Cathalina’s other kids are:

10 May 1710 in Teul - Maria Gertrudis. Godparent is Luis Flores de la Torre

12 Jun 1713 in Teul - Augustin. Godparents Luis Flores and Beatriz Flores

05 May 1715 in Teul - Toribio. Godparents Bernardo Roman and Gertrudis

14 July 1717 in Teul - Antonia Beatriz. Godparents Luis Flores de la Torre and Teresa del Rio (note: they seem to have accidentally said Luis is the father)

Two of Francisca and Martin del Muro’s sons were issued marriage dispensations.

My ancestor Cristobal’s focuses on how he and Maria Velasquez are related through the Marquez de Ulloa/Ruiz de Esparza line

His brother Augustin Prudencio’s is more relevant here and is mostly about his relation to the bride on the Castaneda line, but their grandmothers are also related on the Ulloa line.

It basically says the following:
Pedro de Castaneda . . . Joseph de Castaneda (brothers)
Francisca de Castaneda . . . Pedro de (Bargas) Castaneda (cc Maria de Ulloa)
Cathalina de (Bargas) Castaneda . . . Alexandro de Castaneda (I’ve seen him call himself Nicolas Alexandro a time or two)
Francisca Flores de la Torre . . . Francisca Xaviera Castaneda (the bride)
Augustin Prudencio del Muro (the groom)

The older Pedro, Joseph, and Francisca’s spouses aren’t given. On the baptism records of their kids, both Cathalina the grandmother and Pedro (the cousin) sometimes use de Bargas Castaneda. I know there’s a Nicolas Castaneda married to an Anna de Vargas, but they were married in the 1650s. The timeline seems a little tight for Pedro (the brother of Joseph) to be one of their children and have a great grand daughter by 1706. I know Nicolas’ father is another Pedro de Castaneda married to a Jacinta de Sotomayor, but is there another Bargas Castaneda line? Unless I’ve read the dispensation wrong.

Dos anyone with more knowledge of this family or who has this line in their tree have any information or insight? Teul doesn’t seem to have the marriage records this far back to look for parents.

As for Augustin Flores de la Torre . . . I thought he would fit into the more well known Flores de la Torre family, but I have no idea how.

It appears Cathalina passed away though and Augustin remarried to a Geronima de Guzman about 1720 in Teul

They have the following children:
11 Sep 1723 in Teul - Joseph Santiago Flores Guzman
From Milpillas. Padrinos: Luis Flores de la Torre and Francisca Flores de la Torre

8 Nov 1726 in Teul - Juan Joseph Flores Guzman
From Milpillas. Padrinos: Antonio de Robles and Agustina Antonia de Aragon

18 May 1729 in Teul - Luis Maria Flores Guzman
From Milpillas. Padrinos: Joseph Cobarrubias and Teresa? Carlos de Godoy

I'm still looking through the records, but any help would be appreciated.


Hello Andrea,

You wrote that “The timeline seems a little tight” but sometimes the timelines are tight because of our preconceived notions. Many years ago, when I was studying my Diaz De Leon line, I threw the Duran Diaz De Leon information aside because the timeline wasn’t right as they were married well after the birthdates of the people I thought were their children. . But it wasn’t that the timeline wasn’t right, it was that the parents had five children before they were married. Look for more information that may connect them.

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick

You know, that's a good point, thank you. We might think of them as rigid and conservative about these things, but I've seen a few dispensations mentioning secret babies before the marriage and baptisms of kids born a little too soon after the wedding. I'll keep looking!

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