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Surname with father no conosido

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By Don Animas - Posted on 13 January 2018


I descend from Onofre Lomeli whose mother is Maria Nunes and father is listed as "no conosido".

How was his or other children's surname determined in these circumstances?


“No conocido ” translated literally does mean unknown, but the true meaning here is that he is “not named “ in the record. The mother, and others, most likely knew the name of the father but they were most likely not married and they did not want to put the fathers name on the record. On a few occasions I have been fortunate to discover the fathers name even though “no conocido” is in a record so don’t give up hope and keep on searching.

A few years ago I also found a record with a “Lomeli “ surname with a “no conocido” in his marriage record. By studying his mother’s ancestors, his siblings records, and the descendants of his siblings, I was able to figure out that the father’s surname was Lomeli but that the family did not want to give his first name.

You didn’t provide any information on Onofre Lomeli or his mother, María Nunes. It is important to gather as much information on them as you can to help you on your quest.

Good Luck,
Rick A Ricci

Onofre Lomeli married Angela de Jesus Ynigues on Feb 13, 1754 in Tepatitlan, Jalisco. This is where I got the "no conosido". After this, their children's records (Julio Lomeli who I descend from) are in Nochistlan, Zacatecas.

Angela's parents are Blas Ynigues and Margarita Gonzales who married on May 17, 1733 in Tepatitlan, Jalisco.

Without knowing what was the custom back then, I have been assuming that the most likely scenarios in order are
1. The father is a Lomeli and was not listed for the reasons you listed above.
2. Father is known, but not listed and the Lomeli comes the maternal side and the Lomeli family was more prominent than Nunes in the area
3. Onofre was taken in by a family named Lomeli if his mother couldn't take care of him.

I am doing what you suggested. I will just take time.

Do you descend from the “Jph. Julio Lomelin” that is married to Marcela de Los Dolores de Xauregui?

Different Julio Lomeli.
I descend from Julio Lomeli who married Maria Gertrudis Quirarte on November 7, 1781 in Nochistlan, Zacatecas.

I too descend from Julio De Lomelin who married Maria Gertrudis Quirarte, parents of Jose Andres de Lomelin who married Justa (Juana) Huerta and after she passed away he married Maria Josefa Jimenez. It appears Onofre De Lomelin is Julio De Lomelin's father and Angela de Jesus Iniguez his mother. Does anyone know if I am on the right track and does anyone know who is the father of Onofre De Lomelin? I thought it was a Domingo or Hernando De Lomelin, but I am having trouble finding information to substantiate either of them. Thank you in advance.

Hello LGS.

You are on the right track. Julio and Gertrudis got married in Nochistlán on 7 Nov 1781. The marriage record lists their parents (The record is at the bottom of the right hand side page in the image).

In a few cases, I have discovered that persons who list parents as “no conocidos” will identify them in late-in-life marriages. One of my ancestors waited until his third marriage to spill the beans.

Thank you both for the vote of confidence. Still looking, can't find a birth certificate or baptismal record for Onofre Lomelin ( - 1759) or his mother Maria Nuñez ( - before 1755), I've also tried searching Maria Lomelin Nuñez, in the event she used a maternal surname. I am a genealogy novice and am trying to carve out a few hours a week to research. My family reunion is in a few months and I was hoping to be a little further along. I will keep the course and hopefully find Onofre's father and mother.

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