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Luevano and Pichardo from Telesala, Asientos, Asuncion de Maria, Aguascalientes

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By debbieare - Posted on 09 January 2018

I am looking of the parents of Matias Nolasco de Luevano (born about 1736) and Maria Encarnacion Pichardo (born about 1738).

Children of Matias Nolasco de Luevano and Maria Encarnacion Pichardo are:

1.) Vicente Felilpe Luevano (born 1758 in Tepesala and died June 26, 1838 in Asuncion de Maria, Aguascalientes) married Maria Josefa Diaz de Leon on June 2, 1806 in Asientos, Aguas

2.) Josef Ancelmo de Luebana (baptized April 30, 1775 in Asientos, Aguas) married Maria Dolores Ortiz on April 24, 1799 in Asientos, Aguas.

3.) Maria Calletana de Jeseus de Luevano (baptized August 19, 1781 in Nuestra Senora de Belen, Aguascaliente)

4.) Maria de Jesus de Luebano (born in San Rafael de Los Aguajes-may be the same as #3 but I haven't found proof one way or the other yet) married Jose Roman Montanes on May 14, 1800 in Asientos, Aguascalientes.

5.) Jose Apolonio de Luevano (born in Therpesalan, Aguascalientes) married Maria Dolores Garcia on August 5, 1797 in Asientos, Aguas.

6.) Trinidad Luevano (Born in Tepesala) married Rafaela Sipriana Araiza on July 23, 1800 in Asientos.

7.) Petra De Luevano

8.) Maria Ignacia de Luevano (born in Tepestlan(Tepoztlan)) married Jose Dolores Villapando on September 3, 1792 in Asientos, Aguas.

9.) Onofre Antonio Trinidad de Luevano (born in Tepesalan, Aguascalientes) married Maria Lorenza de Jesus Garcia on June 1, 1797 in Asientos, Aguas.

Is there possibly a link to the baptisms that haven't had the images put online yet? I will gladly scroll through and look frame by frame.
Any suggestions or ideas will be greatly appreciated.

My husband descends from the Vicente Felipe/Maria Josefa Diaz de Leon line.


Debbie Arellano


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