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FW: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" January 2018

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By makas_nc - Posted on 02 January 2018

"The opinions expressed in the Somos Primos Newsletter DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderators of the NR group or the group in general"

UN denounces US recognition of Jerusalem as Israeli capital A Move for World Peace Extracts from: Christians in Defense of Israel of Mat Staver There's a sharp split among Christians over Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem
as Israel's capital
Everyone Should Stand for the National Anthem by Joy Villa How it is done by a Cowboy, A Child Honoring His National Anthem "You've Got to Be Carefully Taught"
Hillsdale College's Project To Save Our Youth Through Education
Take a knee . . . My Ass!!
Latina Style Announces the Top 10 Latina Corporate Executives of the Year College Republicans Kicked Out of Coffee Shop "Safe Space"
Pennsylvania family ordered to take down Jesus Christmas display as ‘offensive’
A question of free speech and freedom of association "In God We Trust" on coins, not a breach of Religious Freedom To Children of the Greatest Generation On Running and a Philosophy of Life by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca

SAR Poster Contest in Texas Selects Galvez as Theme Sotana Negra (Black Robe) José Antonio López The History of the Vaquero

The Grass Fight, last engagement in the siege of San Antonio Quanah Parker, one of the greatest Indian chiefs in U.S. history

Louis J Benavides Inducted to 2017 Class, TX Genealogical College Hall of Fame A Westside Story, based on historic El Rio for the People movement in Arizona

Graciano Gomez, Battled discrimination against Latinos, 1925 - December 12, 2017 Col. Samuel Idrogo, Sr., USAF (Ret.) February 15, 1935 - December 13th
Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D. International affairs, Linguist Jan 3, 1942 - Nov 6, 2017 LATINO AMERICAN PATRIOTS My name is Jose Garcia Acosta.
Veterans Attend 76th Commemoration of Attack on Pearl Harbor Four Latino Americans Received Medal of Honors from President Truman:
Macario Garcia, Alejandro R. Renteria Ruiz, Rodolfo Hernandez, and Joseph Rodriguez

The Civil War, extract from:
"U.S. Latino Patriots: From the American Revolution to Afghanistan", An Overview by Refugio I. Rochin and Lionel Fernandez"
Most common last names for Latinos in the United States

A Brief History of the Human Colonization of Ireland

2018: A good year to start writing your own personal history Three selection from "Chicken Soup for the Latino Soul "
Abuela's Magic by Michele Capriotti
Every First Friday by Alejandro Diaz
Learning to Fly by Steve Peralta

Two Poetic short stories (Spanish/English) by Frank Pancho Mendoza:
La Ruby and Pajarito
Ten fill in the blanks to write your own Birth Story I was born in San Antonio, Texas, by Nohemi "Mimi" Lozano

St. Augustine Cathedral: A Spiritual Journey by J. Gilberto Quezada Lamella Orphica Pope Francis 81st Birthday Media Hypocrisy and Anti-Christian Bias I am not American, I am Muslim by Majid Rafizadeh Lawfare, instead of Warfare by Mimi Lozano Muslim Students at Catholic Schools Keep Complaining About Christmas China Tries to Bring Christianity under its Communist Thumb

Celebrate Maria Garcia Day in San Diego!
Irvine Unified aims to revolutionize teaching with one-to-one Chromebook Tech Leads Kids to Tech Culture Barney Charter School Initiative . . Saving America through education
by Larry P. Arnn, Ph.D.
Does the 529 Tax Plan Help Parents Pull Their Kids out of Public School?
National Blue Ribbon Schools Program
Latinx & Community College: Promoting Pathways - Postsecondary Degrees

Jan 3: Berkeley's first Poet Laureate, Rafael Jesus Gonzalez and musician/poet, Francisco Herrera La herencia española em los símbolos de E.E.U.U.
Mestizos valiosos - El Inca Garcilazo de la Vega

Tree of Lights Ceremony, Remembering Loved Ones "Hospice Came Today" Poem by Stephan Au Clair Hospice, What it is and How it Works

Dancing with the Devil by Louis Diaz
Franciscan Frontiersmen: How Three Adventurers Charted the West Españoles Olividos de Norteamérica por Jose Antonio Crespo-Francés How Will I Talk to Abuela by Maria de la Luz Reyes Los Demonios del Mar Naves negras. La ruta de las especias by Carlos Canales Y Miguel del Rey

Louie the Actor Is Back by Al Martinez
Secrets of Spanish Florida
Wonder by Raquel Jaramillo Palacio Al Martinez

Jan 13: SHHAR: Sylvia Contreras, "Abraham Lincoln and Mexico”
The Mexican War (1846-48)

Mater Dei High School, 2017 State Champions Open Division Mater Dei High School Alumni, class of 1956 "Tracks to the Westminster Barrio: 1910-1960s" by Albert V. Vela, Ph.D.
Example of information and visuals from the book:
Irapuato, Gto (Guanajuato), Mexico correspondence
Boy Scout's Cabin in Westminster,
Jan 13, Fund Raiser for "Tracks to the Westminster Barrio: 1910-1960s"

The Stage Presence José Luis Valenzuela
Church of the Epiphany in Lincoln Heights UCLA Celebrates the Career & Legacy of Professor Juan Gomez-QuinonesCALIFORNIA January 6: Los Reyes Magos, Spain's Extended Christmas How the Sun Illuminates Spanish Missions On the Winter Solstice Mission San Miguel Arcángel Farias history in California, answers from Eva.

La colonización del Norteamérica fue fundamental expansión de la religión Seven Myths of the Spanish Conquest

García López de Cárdenas y Figueroa, First European to see Grand Canyon.
Map: Exploraciones en América del Norte

San Saba, Texas attack by Comanche
José Antonio Navarro
November 25th, 1835 -- First Texas Navy
November 25th, 1850 -- Texas gives up nonexistent New Mexico counties Juan Nepomuceno Seguin

Starting The New Year – The Learning Years – 1953 by Rudy Padilla
The Rafael M. Garcia Jr. Story by Rudy Padilla 'Casa Aztlan' mural repainted, plus kids' art program

New York/ New Jersey Port Authority Police Graduation Can El Museo's Leader Build a Bridge to Its Latino Future?
Brooklyn Museum to Host a Show of Robot-Made SculpturesAFRICAN-AMERICAN Meet Queen Charlotte, Biracial Royal Who Made History 200 Years
Before Meghan Markle! by Diana Pearl INDIGENOUS Oración de Agradecimiento Maya/A Prayer of Gratitude Indian Conquistadors: Indigenous Allies in the Conquest of Mesoamerica The Real Reason for Helicopter Names Is Awesome Native American affirims ‘We are still here’ at Cal State Fullerton event

South Carolina’s Brilliant Jewish History La expulsión de los judíos de 1492:
la leyenda que construyeron los enemigos de España

Christian discovery in Israel: Remains of 1,500 year-old monastery church The Huarmey Queen of Peru

Resultados del XXI Concurso de Dibujo Infantil 2017, "Este Es Mi Mexico"
Gobierno del Estado Libre y Soberano de Sinaloa The Battles of the Mexican Revolution Mexican Genealogy web pages Records of the Order of Santiago, 1501-1799CENTRAL & SOUTH AMERICA Pew Research Center, Hispanic Trends, December 7, 2017 El Español Juan de Villarroel funda la Villa Imperial de Potosí, Bolivia
1779 Derrota británica en Centro América, Matías de Gálvez y Gallardo PAN-PACIFIC RIM Las Islas Galápagos y su descubridor Tomás de Berlanga en 1535

Over 100 articles on Filipino culture and history by Dr. Carlos AAA Calderon

Bernardo de Gálvez da nombre a uno de los A330 de Air Europa Más del 10% de la población latinoamericana desciende de nobles La expulsión de los judíos de 1492: la leyenda que construyeron los enemigos de España El gran mosaico de pueblos prerromanos de la Península Ibérica

Ruta de la Primera Vuelta al Mundo, Expedición Magallanes -
Juan Sebastian de Elcano 1519-1522


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