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FW: Somos Primos "We are Cousins" December 2017

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By makas_nc - Posted on 01 December 2017

"The opinions expressed in the Somos Primos Newsletter DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderators of the NR group or the group in general"

11/29/2017 07:18 AM
The Historical Mendez Freedom Trail of Westminster, California Kindness Lasts Forever, these are Americans being Americans Volunteers Pack Hundreds of Boxes for the Troops Are you and you Family Emergency Prepared? Think Holtzman Gorilla Survival LDS Church Announces “Light the World” Campaign for 2017 Christmas Season Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness Rootstech Conference, 28th February to 3rd March 2018, Salt Lake, Utah Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute Celebrates America’s Cultural Diversity Former O.C. Rep Loretta Sanchez in Hollywood with ‘Accidental Candidate’
TV show
Anna Maria Farias back home to HUD
Congressman-elect muses on humble roots
MALDEF Los Angeles Awards
Ex-con tells prisoners from his Irvine office how to thrive behind bars
NALIP: We are Inclusion
NALIP: December 7, 2017 Diverse Women in Media Forum Spanish Presence in the Americas' Roots Talking sense into the California Board of Education: Mission Impossible Battle of St. Louis, the Attack on Cahokia and the American Revolution in the West Ayuda secreta de España a la independencia de EE.UU. fue importantísima, pero desconocida

Early American Patriots
William Joseph Carmena, Jr & Thomas Neil Carmena, General Philemon Thomas SAR Chapter Order of Granaderos y Damas de Galvez National Meeting Weekend Granaderos Governor Joe Pérez presenting award to Joe Antonio López Granaderos Heritage Educational Tour Historic Tidbits Johnny Cash: That Ragged Old Flag"
August 20th, 1866 - Peace finally between the U.S. and Texas Phrases with a clear historic connection Huntington Beach, CA to hold 24th annual Civil War reenactment in tumultuous times

American Patriots
Photo: Feb 1981 President Reagan presenting Medal of Honor to Roy Benavidez, Vietnam War Two Veterans Who Have Shaped My Life by Gilberto Quezada True War Memory by Private 1st Class Fidel L. Mendoza Lest We Forget: Latino/Chicano Veterans Three NFL players knelt during the national anthem Have you heard of "Wear Red Friday" ?

Hispanic Leaders
Richard Edward Cavazos: Army's First Hispanic Four-Star General Dies American Patriots Wish our Marines a Happy 242nd Birthday!
Photo: Feb 1981 President Reagan presenting Medal of Honor to Roy Benavidez, Vietnam War Two Veterans Who Have Shaped My Life by Gilberto Quezada True War Memory by Private 1st Class Fidel L. Mendoza Lest We Forget: Latino/Chicano Veterans Three NFL players knelt during the national anthem Have you heard of "Wear Red Friday" ?
50 Years Later: Reflections of Dorm Life at St. Mary's University by J.
Gilberto Quezada
CSUF resource centers helps veterans succeed by Angie Marcos Cal State will no longer require freshman placement exams, remedial courses Latino Studies at The University of Texas at Austin, three interconnected units CSUF math professor honored by Latino education group Genius School Replaces Detention With Meditation Cristina Jiménez: 2017 MacArthur Fellowship winner

Keep Christ in Christmas wristband
Christian Radio Is Booming in America
Dioses de Hispania
500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation Hillsdale College's new, free online course, Theology 101: The Western Theological Tradition Christians Reject 50-Year Ban On Sports Prayer The NAACP Wants To Get Rid Of The National Anthem Sr. Teresa Maya brings bicultural perspective to Leadership Conference of Women Religious presidency

Ofrenda in memory of Roberto Almanzán and Juan Domingo by Rafael Jesús González Agustín Lara Aguirre y Pino, Tlacotalpán, México, 1897 - Mexico City,
La Pena Cultural Center, Berkeley, CA
My mother carried the keys to the doors in her apron.
Caregiving Video Focuses on Latinos
Apply for a Dementia Care Relief Grant
La Medicina quotes

Books and Print Media
Dec 7th: Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Featuring
The Little Doctor - El doctorcito by Dr. Juan Guerra, M.D.
Where Book Titles Get Their Names by Gilberto Quezada International Latino Book Awards: Award Winning Author Latino 247 Media Group Latina Style Magazine How a Ripped-Off Sequel of Don Quixote Predicted Piracy in the Digital Age Exploradores Españoles del Siglo XVI Who's Who in America's History: Leaders, Visionaries and Icons Who Shaped Our Nation The Battle of St. Louis, The Attack of Cahokia and the American Revolution in the West
by Kristine Sjostrom, Stephen Kling, Jr, and Marysia T.

Films, TV, Radio, Internet
The Oscar is Mexican - El Origen Mexicano del Oscar Tell the Story of Your Life by Maisy Fernandez AARP Radio: Fruits of Latino Activism

Génesis y evolución Histórica del apellido en España por Sr .D. Jaime de Salazar y Acha

¿Cómo es el mapa genético de Europa y de España?
Un nuevo estudio genético confirma el origen norteafricano de los Guanches canarios

Family History
Students help keep alive stories of Holocaust survivors Online Classes hosted by Family Search Library, taught in Spanish Orange County, CA
Book: Tracks to the Westminster Barrio 1902-1960s by Albert V. Vela, Ph.D.
Sunday, December 3, Noon-5 pm, Posadas Miniondas Sergio Contreras leadership: $2.3 million grant for Historic Mendez Freedom Trail Irvine dedicates, showcases site for Orange County's first veterans cemetery Santa Ana has become a nucleus for county charter schools
Leyendas: Legends & Myths of Latin America Los Angeles County, CA 80th anniversary of Salon Los Angeles Concrete History: Chicana Muralist Judith F. Baca Goes from the Great Wall to the Museum Wall
By Maximiliano Duron

Happy Birthday California
California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, report by Julian Canete December 8: Una Noche de Las Posadas, Santa Barbara 100th Anniversary of the First Aeronautical Meet in the West by Alfred Edward Moch (Cota) Dissolution of the California State Genealogical Alliance (CSGA) House of Spain, Video of Flamenco music and dancing The Boronda Family and Rancho Los Laureles by Elizabeth Barratt:
Los Presidios Españoles en Norteamerica . . Los Dragones de Cuera

Pan-Pacific Rim
Hawaii, un paraíso español
Un naufragio pone en evidencia la historia oficial de los viajes de Cook La Española Guaján, actualmente Guam La Expedicion de Alvaro Saavedra que Descubrirá las Islas Hawai

Northwestern US
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 Alaska gobernada desde México

Southwestern US
Forget the Wall, Next Year’s Transborder Biennial Will Take Place, Both US/Mexico by Sarah Cascone Nov 4-5th Weekend At the Presidio Museum Tucson Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos Altars Texas December 17: TCARA, Texas Connection to the American Revolution Annual Christmas Luncheon Filling in the blanks: Hispanic genealogy group in Dallas helps trace family trees Louis J. Benavides Inducted to the 2017 Class, Texas Genealogical College Hall of Fame Request for Historic Inclusion of 1st and Primary Settlers to San Antonio by Betty Chisolm Hutzler The First Spanish Settlers in San Antonio, Texas 1715 First Settlement in San Antonio/Texas The Four Numbers of the San Antonio Series, with Appendix by Frederick C. Chabot A Report on the Spanish Archives in San Antonio by Carlos Eduardo Castañeda FREE online ebooks by Crispin Rendon Middle America Christmas in the City. The Learning Years (1952) by Rudy Padilla Chep Alonzo: Duty; Honor; Country - the Korean War by Rudy Padilla

East Coast
We Are Celebrating the Bible Coming to Life: Hispanic Leaders Tour Museum of the Bible Ellis Island Immigration Station Bernardo de Gálvez ya luce en el Senado de Estados Unidos Acto Cultural en NY “Bernardo de Gálvez un héroe común al mundo Joe Sanchez and Friends

Caribbean Region
Naufragios y Comentarios de Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca Cuban Immigrants in the United States

November 6th, 1528 -- Castaways begin amazing journey November 10th, 1837 -- Battle of Stone Houses National Park Service Ranger Desiree Munoz Talks About Her Ohlone Heritage

Scottish Jews Have Their Own Official Tartan - It's kosher!Archaeology Archeological dig set at site of Nuestra Senora de Belen Mystery Blocked Passage Discovered Near Mayan Temple Could Unlock
Secrets of Ancient Civilization

Amigos de la Batalla de Monterrey de 1846 Ricardo R. Palmerin Cordero Viajes por México en el siglo XIX, Leticia Frías Extranjeros in México (1895-2010) Immigration to Mexico by John P.
San Julian, El Pueblo Mas Nuevo de Los Altos de Jalisco, por Guillermo Padilla Origel A Book Lover’s Guide to Mexico Susannah Rigg XI Jornadas de Historia Saltillo, Coahuila, 12, 13 y 14 de Septiembre de
Censuses of Punta de Lampazos 1753-1818 : Lampazos de Naranjo, Nuevo León
2 Febrero 1848 se firma el Tratado de Guadalupe Hidalgo
Michoacán: From Kingdom to Colony to Sovereign State (1324-2015) John P.
La Batalla de Otumba por Guillermo CarvajalCentral & South America The Salt that is Made from the Tears of the Incas by Nick Dall
Many more records from Brazil, Peru, and Portugal

Philippines' Karen Ibasco named Miss Earth 2017 by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.
A Funny American Song: I've got a Wife at Home by Eddie AAA Calderon, Ph.D.

Indice de los Viajes de Cristóbal Colón
La Historia de España desde la prehistoria en seis minutos !
Acueducto de Segovia
Dioses de Hispania. La religión en la Iberia antigua.
Los marinos españoles que llegaron al fin del Mundo y a los que hemos olvidado

Los 26 Mártires de Japón​, Uno de ellos mexicano ​Mimi's Japanese Secret Christian Cross João Rodrigues's Account of Sixteenth-Century Japan 'Muhammad' is the Future of Europe El Galeón de Manila no era presa fácil Caballeros Españoles en la Primera Cruzada a Jerusalén Islam—Facts or Dreams?
An attempt of re-branding of Islam and Muslims by Mimi Lozano Pass the Taylor Force Act: End U.S. Funding of Palestinian “Pay for Slay” Terrorism Against Israel Recall Notice

11/29/2017 07:18 AM


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