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By rasaenz1980 - Posted on 27 November 2017

I have a document showing my 6th great grandmother and grandfather's marriage. I do not speak or read spanish. I need help reading and understanding the document, especially concerning his age and parents (Santiago Diaz and Juana Villalobos). Can anybody help me figure it out? I am hoping to be able to track my diaz line farther the parents. This is the link to the document.

This is the pre marriage document for Joseph Domingo Diaz to wed Maria Francisca Josefa Gonzalez dated August 1st 1767

Joseph Domingo Diaz was spanish, originally from the jurisdiction of Aguascalientes and currently living in Teocaltiche, legitimate son of Santiago Diaz and Juana de Villalobos. Juana was dead in 1767. Joseph Domingo Diaz was 40 years old in 1767 and was not previously married.

Maria Francisca Josefa Gonzalez was spanish, originally from and living in Aguascalientes, natural daughter of Maria Antonia Gonzalez. Maria Francisca Josefa was 14 years old in 1767 (not a typo!)

Thank you so much. Did it gobe any info. About Santiago and juana? His mom and dad?

The record also mentions "Estancia de Villalobos ". So try to research the Villalobos family that owned this Estancia. Another clue may be found in a document after this one that has Diego Villalobos as a witness.

Rick A. Ricci

Just that Juana was dead at the time of writing

The reason you are not finding much on the parents is probably because not all of the Teocaltiche records are indexed. I say Teocaltiche because it looks like Santiago and Juana had a daughter born there in 1713.

Only ones with a magnifying glass are text searchable. Also the marriage records from the expected marriage period look like they are missing in Teocaltiche. You may find other baptised children in the unindexed records.

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