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Esparzas in Nayarit 1700's

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By Edesparza81 - Posted on 25 November 2017

Hi. I'm stuck once again and you've all helped me before. Looking for any records for Esparzas born in Amatalan De Canas. Currently I'm stuck with Onofre Joseph Esparza Y Barbosa, his wife Catharina Banegas. They would have been born around 1720, give or take a few years. their son is Gregorio Antonio de Esparza Y Barbosa married to Mariana Lopez de Aguilar . they had 4 kids, that i know of. the first is Ana Yganacia Barbosa Lopez born around 1759. Juan Esteban Esparza born around 1767. Joseph Raphael de la cruz Esparza born 1768. All born in Amatlan de Canas, and a sister Maria Joespha esparza, born 1783 in cocula, Jalisco.

Here is the Marriage record for Gregorio that has Onofres name. Its the 2nd to last entry bottom right.

Hoping to connect them to Lope de Ruiz Esparza. If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated


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