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FW: SOMOS PRIMOS "We are Cousins" November 2017

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By makas_nc - Posted on 02 November 2017

"The opinions expressed in the Somos Primos Newsletter DO NOT necessarily reflect the opinions of the moderators of the NR group or the group in general"

10/31/2017 12:07 PM

United States
The Mendez Festival, a National Statement Orange County - at the Vanguard of the Civil Rights Movement Seminar Desks of two Texas Judges Respected, Honored and Preserved:
Judge Bravo and Judge Canales by J. Gilberto Quezada NOT how the Supreme Court was designed to operate: SCOTUS cert pool Prager University is Suing YouTube and Google for Censoring Prager Videos What is happening in Canada: All pro-life activity outlawed Congressional Reform Act of 2017 Thanksgiving Oh, perfumed presence of early Autumn by Oscar S. Ramirez Searching for common ancestors by Letty Rodella Columbus XX: Hey America, my ancestor didn't cause your failings Todos le debemos algo a España por historiador Joseph Pearce
Video- Las primeras universidades en el Nuevo Mundo y en Filipinas East Meets West by Pete Garcia Why Does No One Remember Joe Kapp, the NFL’s First Mexican-American Super Bowl Quarterback?
Have you wondered why NFL has an issue with cops & American Flag?
Guns and Gun Laws . . . . something to think about HUD Misplaced $500 Billion by Ben Marquis Looking ahead: ROOTS TECH. . . 2018

Spanish Presence in the Americas' Roots
Central Valley Talk interview of Rancho Del Sueño founder Robin Collins The First European Vessel to Reach American's West Coast in the 1500s

Early American Patriots
Newspaper article: Galvez Book Review: "El Que Tenga Valor Que Me Siga"
¿Por qué en Luisiana celebran el 12 de abri ?

Historic Tidbits
August 14th, 1927: Hispanic meeting in Harlingen, Texas stalls, but lays groundwork for LULAC Spain vs. England in American History by George Farias

Hispanic Leaders
Dr. Gilbert R. Cruz, renowned scholar, author, writer, educator:
December 6, 1929 - October 17, 2017
Odie Arambula, journalist, editor, columnist, and historian:
January 1, 1935 - October 19, 2017

American Patriots
Outstanding words of Medal of Honor Recipient, Master Sgt. Roy Benavides, Green Beret Wilmer Valderrama Snags Rights To WWII Book ‘Patriots From The Barrio’
by Patrick Hipes
Pete Gomez, Bonner Springs, Kansas Resident Remembers by Rudy Padilla Resources in support of our Military

Latino Education and Econmic Progress, Running Faster, but Still Behind Whoa . . College Creates Mandatory Patriotism Class for Freshmen Religion Religious Freedom Restoration Act 1993 Clarified Colorado Baker Jack Phillips Receives Award at Weyrich Awards Dinner The Most Beautiful Churches From Around the World The Greatest Libel since the Blood Libel by Dennis Prager Here are some facts about the hypocrites over at the NFL.
Here's how social media connects faith leaders with believers (and
haters) around the world

Dia de los Muertos and the 1994 Calaveras Poetry Contest of Orange County by Mimi Lozano Spain, Portugal and Italy seasonal practices: chestnut parties, skeletal sweets, and marriage proposals Moon Over the Land of Enchantment / Luna sobre la tierra del encanto by Rafael Jesús González Gabino Palomares: 45 years of music journey // San Francisco The art of música norteña

Books and Print Media
A Beautiful, Cruel Country: Life on the Wilbur-Cruce Ranch by Eva Wilbur-Cruce Hard-Won Cowboy Wisdom: Not Necessarily in Order of Importance by Peter Coe Verbica.
Rancho San Felipe by Sarah Duque and Scott T. Barnes Texas-Mexican Conjunto: History of a Working-Class Music by Manuel Peña The History of Texas Music by Gary Hartman Crónica de la eternidad: ¿Quién escribió la Historia verdadera de la conquista de la Nueva España? por Christian ​ Duverger ​

Films, Television, Radio, and Internet
New Platform Creates Opportunity for High Budget Diverse Content María Teresa Márquez and CHICLE: The First Chicana/o Listserv Network Men of Company E - Movie Rights AARP AZ Radio 2 October Topics: My Fraud Prevention Strategy; a Nation of Immigrants The Son (TV series) American western drama television series

Genealogía de Los Félix de Sonora por Guillermo Padilla Origel

'Who is a Jew?' can now be answered by genetic testing by Jeremy Sharon Kvetch Like an Egyptian, Wendy Wippel, Omega Letter Tlaxcaltecas mtDNA and Montemorelos: Volume 10 by Crispin Rendon

Family History
Adelfa Cortez' Cactus Garden, Pleasanton, CA by Jenny Christenson Preparing for Thanksgiving, writing memories of your blessings FamilySearch's New Web Tool Makes Ancestry Records Easier to Find

Orange County, CA
Special Screening! Saturday, Nov 4th, Discussion with Dolores Huerta at The Frida Cinema November 11, 2017: Dr. Joseph Arce, Mexican Revolution (1910-1916) Thanks to recent rains, using goats for brush control is in demand,
March 6, 2017, Orange County Register Through Mexican consulate business class, woman starts nonprofit hiring ex-cons by Jessica Kwong, March 6, 2017, Orange County Register Students tell lawmakers their struggles growing up in Santa Ana
by Roxana Kopetman , March 24, 2017 Orange County Register

Los Angeles County, CA
Nov 3: Festival International: They Called Me King Tiger / Me llamaban King Tiger Fullerton's First Inhabitants Part 5: Environment and Economy Nov 12: World Premiere of an Enemy of the Pueblo

Rx California: Salinas Rodeo, San Juan Bautista by Willow Running Hawk Hollywood movie, Vertigo San Juan Bautista and the California San Andreas Fault Northern California looks like a war zone Celebrating The Independence of México in San Diego, September 15, 2017

Pan-Pacific Rim
Álvaro de Mendaña y Neira por el Océano Pacífico San Juan Bautista: el galeón que unió Japón y España Northwestern US
5 Hero Vets Who Saved Lives in Vegas ‘War Zone’
Fall in the San Juan, Colorado San Juan Mountain Bob !
Última Expansión Territorial de Nueva España, Alaska gobernada desde México

Southwestern US
AARP La Onda
Tucson Presidio Museum Events
1866 Bonds Issues by Santa Ana to Finance Return to Power

November 13-17th: The San Antonio Conservation Society’s Heritage Education Tours Report on 38th Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference by Joe Antonio Lopez Joe Lopez speaks to Greater San Antonio Masters Leadership Program:
Pre1836 Texas History
Rudi Rodriguez interviewed on historical background of the Campo Santo beginning in 1808 October 24th, 1690 - Llanos-Cardenas expedition begins mapping Matagorda Bay

Middle America
Fall Comes to Kansas City, Kansas, The Learning years (1952) by Rudy Padilla La historia desconocida de Niles, Michigan La Tercera Expedición Española al Río Missouri New Orleans Film Society

East Coast
Metro Opera House documentary film premiere at Lincoln Center

Caribbean Region
New Season of Puerto Rican Voices Set to Premiere on CUNY TV Puerto Rican aviators trained the famed Tuskegee Airman

October 24th, 1952 Austin -African-American colleges merge

October 24th, 1845 -- Pioneer German authors killed by Indians Una historia de Comanches Por: José Medina González Dávila Indigenous Guanajuato: A Look into Guanajuato's Past by John P. Schmal

I Am Yehudi, I Am Hebrew, Ani Ivri by by Micah Ben-Yehudah The first believers, 'Ma’amim' followed Jesus 'Yeshua' in Israel 'Yisrael' by Micah Ben-Yehudah

Rock Art Discovered in Deep Dark Caves Reveal Early Human Civilization on Puerto Rico’s Uninhabited Mona Island By Hannah Osborne

Colonial Mexico, Series of reports on Earthquake Damage to Churches by Richard Perry Mexico Earthquake Fund Primeros Pobladors Españoles de Jalostotitlán, Jalisco, México Por:
Guillermo Padilla Origel
1519 - Quinientos años de Alianza entre nativos americanos y españoles Hospitales en el Virreinato de Nuevo España

Central & South America
Ernesto Apomayta Chambi
Miguel Ruíz Conquistador Español Mulato de Nicaragua y Perú Bogotá acoge la Reunión Americana y el Congreso Iberoamericano de Genealogía y Heráldica.

The Songs of the Past by Eddie AAA Calderón

Bilbao Guggenheim Museum celebrating its 20th Anniversary
39,995 - New Free indexed Cadiz records
10 Territorios que alguna vez fueron de España y desconocíamos!
Beatriz Galindo, una erudita renacentista de latín en la Corte de los Reyes Católicos,

'You've Got to Be Carefully Taught'
United Nations Relief &Works Agency (UNRWA) schools use anti-Israel/anti-Jewish points of view The hijab, was invented in the 1970s over 1300 years after the Quran was written.
The Real Roots of Islamic Terrorism by Khadija Khan A Compassionate World Begins with You . .


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