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At a dead end: Esparza/Lopez/Villalobos/Tiscareno

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By VioletYak - Posted on 24 October 2017

Leandro Esparza was born 26 February 1882 in Aguascalientes. He was the son of Antonio and Atanacia (Lopez) Esparza. Leandro married Maria Villalobos on 29 April 1916 in Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes. Maria was born 10 July 1893. Leandro fathered the following children born in Aguascalientes: Guadalupe V Esparza (1912-2001), Beatriz (1914-2009), Catalina (1916-1992)and the following children born in the United States: Alfred V Esparza (1919-2015), Leopoldo V Esparza (1922-1996), Aurora Esparza (1926-1991).

Siblings of Leandro are:
Atanacia Esparza (1869– ) born Calvillo, Aguascalientes and married Estanislao Tiscareño
Jose Zenon Esparza (1876– ) born in Calvillo, Aguascalientes
Eulagia Esparza (1878–1878) and
Cipriano Esparza (1879–1882)died in Jesús María, Aguascalientes

Would love to find details on Leandro Esparza or his wife Maria Villalobos' parents/grandparents.

Thank you!


María Felícitas was another of the sibling of Leandro. She was christened in Calvillo on 24 Nov. 1871. Her grandparents are listed in the record (Rec. No. 42, 2nd. record in the left hand side page; This image is very blurry and faded):

Parents of Antonio Esparza: Jesús Esparza and María San José Acosta

Parents of Atanacia López: Francisco López and Feliciana Salas

The parents of María Villalobos are listed in the record of the pre-marriage information Leandro and María presented on 11 Apr. 1916 (The record starts one image back):

The parentes of María were Eusebio Villalobos and María Lechuga.

I hope this informations helps you in your search.



Jesus Esparza's wife Maria San Jose Acosta also went by the name
Maria Josefa Acosta. Also, Atanacia Lopez was Antonio Esparza's second

Atanacia was born in Villa Hidalgo, Jalisco May 1841:

according to this baptism her father Francisco Lopez is the son of Ygnacio
Lopez and Antonia Lopez and her mother Feliciana Salas who also uses the
name Feliciana Sanchez is the daughter of Reyes de Salas and Maria de San
Juan Sanchez, who also uses the name Maria Juana Sanchez.

Antonio Esparza was born in Villa Hidalgo, Jalisco June 1826

according to the baptism his father Jesus Esparza was the son of Justo de
Esparza and Maria de la Luz de la Cerda. His mother Maria Josefa Acosta was
the daughter of Antonio Acosta and Margarita Medina (also uses the name
Margarita Mendez)

Antonio Esparza's first wife was Jesus Hernandez:

Feliciana Salas was born in 1816:

Justo de Esparza and Maria de la Luz de la Cerda married in 1793:

Here are their ancestors:

Danny C. Alonso

Danny & Rubén -

Thank you both so very much for the information. I am amazed at how well documented the genealogy is for this region and I now have an impressive list of ancestors to research! Leandro came to the United States in early 1900's and I would love to learn more about why and if others from Aguascalientes also emigrated. I appreciate your assistance!

this may be your family as the information is almost the same. Not sure if you already seen this info that states Leandro worked for the Rock Island Railroad in 1919.

Leandro Esparza
1882–1951 • LF9X-T1Z​
Maria Villalobos
1893–1973 • LF9F-QS4

There is a typographical error in one of the ancestral names. Her name should read "Juana de Jesus Marin de la Peñalosa"

Great work Danny,

Rick A. Ricci

Yes - I do have that information and was able to also find Leandro and Maria's photos in border crossing cards. Thanks for the details though - I do appreciate it!

Thanks for correction Rick. I have made the notation in my records.


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