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Employment Definition

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By Yolie - Posted on 22 October 2017

Could someone please define the difference between these titles: Empleado particular and Empleado Publico. I have ancestor who appears to be one signing and documenting as "encargado del --- registro civil". Puzzled why the job titles are important to identify perhaps working for the city? Was this person perhaps an important member of society?


it just looks like a civil service job. he looks like he's in charge of civil registry, which i think is where they keep birth and marriage records.

Danny C. Alonso

Hi Yolie,

As Danny stated before, an "Encargado del Registro Civil" is/was the person in charge of the Civil Registry Office, where civil birth, marriage and death records were carried out.

Of course it depends on what time we are talking about, but it used to be an important office and required a person of certain education and position to be in charge of.

I hope this helps.

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