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Can some experienced genealogist decipher/read this word?

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By Ruben Hdez - Posted on 20 October 2017

Hello forum,

I am trying to find out what the following word is.

It is in a christening record. The record is at the top of the right hand side page here:

(Juana, 02 March 1614)
... fueron sus padrinos di[ego] h[ernan]dez bejarano y maria Romero su her[ma]na hijos de WORD?Laz[ar]o h[ernan]dez - y lo firme _____

Any help is very welcome.

Hi Ruben,

Looks like "Ldo"- abbreviation for "licenciado."

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Many thanks for your kind reply Manny. I agree with you. But I am not sure because the editor wrote the word "benefi[cia]do in the record just below Juana's record and "do" looks very different.

Sometimes the word "Licenciado" was abbreviated "Lzdo", but editor's "z" also looks quite different. That is what I am thinking maybe the word could be another one.

Un cordial saludo Manny,


Is it digo? The word that is commonly used to refer to a person previously recited in the record, as in "said Lazaro Hernandez" in English.

Hi Ruben,

After taking another look, you’re right. It names Lazaro Hernandez twice, and it gives no title on the first entry. I’m going to say, “hijos del dho Lazº Hz.”

“Dicho” would be appropriate and typical, and looks like Alex also thinks the same,

Manny Diez Hermosillo

I'm a bit unsure myself. To be fair the first letter in the unknown word looks like the scribes "L" rather than a "d". HA!

It seems the editor pretended to write "dho" and he had a Lapsus Linguae at the time he was writing.

Thank you Manny and Alex!



It is not Lzdo but "de lzo" or "de lizo". Check out


Many thanks Alejandro for taking part in this topic.

Taking a closer look to the 3rd. record on the left hand side page (Pedro) the same editor wrote:

en dicho dia mes y año susodicho yo el dicho cura beneficiado ...

("cho" looks very similar to the last part of the unknown word)

... yjo de miguel y dey savel ... = ... yjo de miguel y de ysabel ...

(The words are not properly separated)

I think the "L" at the starting of the unknown word is part of the previous word "de" ("de L" = "del"). So the editor tried to write "... hijos del [di]cho Laz[ar]o ..." but he failed to write the "di" part.



You are right, that makes more sense. "Del dicho Lazaro" reads better.

Tienes la boca llena de razon, diria mi padre...


Thank you Alejandro,

I sometimes think that a crystal ball would make and excellent aid to uncover some old handwritings.


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