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Maria de Isla- Magdalena de Lavazares

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By superhorrible - Posted on 19 October 2017


Como muchos en este grupo soy descendiente de Maria de Isla y Cristobal Martinez Lozano quienes tuvieron descendencia en Aguascalientes en 1600's. Encontre en el foro, algo que escribio CARLOS PEREDO en 2014, hablando sobre MARIA DE ISLAS MOCTEZUMA:

" Gracias a Datos que en gran parte fueron investigados por Don Guillermo Tovar, sabemos con claridad que Benito de Isla casado con Magdalena Lavezares fueron padres de

Magdalena de Lavezares y

María de Isla"

Alguien sabe la fuente documental de la investigacion de Don Guillermo Tovar a la que CARLOS PEREDO se esta refiriendo? Estoy tratando, como muchos, de establecer el arbol de la familia ISLA en la zona.


Susana Leniski


Benito de Isla is the son of Bernardo de Isla and Magdalena Labezares. Benito de Isla's wife is probably Juana Navarro, probable daughter of Petronila de Moctezuma and Martin Navarro de Gabay. There is a Magdalena de Labezares, married to Francisco Gonzalez that is a legitimate daughter of Benito de Isla and a Maria de Isla, that's also a legitimate daughter of Benito de Isla, that's married to Captain Andres Martin de Sotomayor, not the Maria de Isla married to Cristobal Martin Lozano. This is proven by the testimony of Mateo Gonzalez de Rubalcava in this dispensa:

...que son bisnietos de dos hermanas que lo fueron doña María de Islas y doña Magdalena de Labezares quien tuvo por hijo a Bernardino de Islas y Bernardino de Islas a Nicolás de Dios Islas y Nicolás de Dios Islas tuvo por hija a María Catarina de Islas. Y de doña María de Islas tuvo por hija a Jacinta Martínez y Jacinta Martínez tuvo por hijo a Jacinto Díaz y Jacinto Díaz tuvo por hijo a José Díaz de León, pretenso.

The Maria de Isla that's married to Cristobal Martin Lozano is most likely the one described in a separate dispensa as mestiza hija bastarda de Benito de Islas, who's been mentioned in several posts in this forum, therefore making her also a sister to the other Maria de Isla y Moctezuma and Magdalena de Labezares. You can find more information on both Maria de Isla's and their sister Magdalena de Labezares here:

You can find your Maria de Isla's tree here:

Danny C. Alonso


Thank you for answering. I have a different theory regarding Maria de Isla (married to Christobal Lozano). She is the niece of Maria de Isla (married to Andres Martin de Sotomayor).
According with the book "Genealogia de Nochistlan antiguo reino de la Nueva Galicia en el siglo XVII segun archivos parroquiales" (Jose Luis Vazquez y Rodriguez de Frias). Maria de Isla (married to Christobal Lozano) is the daughter of Francisco Gonzalez Martinez y Magdalena de la Besares (daughter of Benito Isla y "Juana Navarro?"). This couple had also another daughter Petronila de Ysla (according with the author unmarried).

Now, I found the baptismal record of LEONOR LOZANO ISLA (film # 299421 22 may 1617 El Sagrario/Aguascalientes).

"En la labor de Xiconaque en 22 de el mes de mayo de 1617 anos bauptize y pusse oleos a Leonor hija de Christoval Lozano y Maria de Isla, fueron sus padrinos FRANCISCO GONZALES, hermano de dicho Christoval Lozano y PETRONA DE ISLA, hermana de la dicha MARIA DE ISLA"

As you can see, the document of Leonor Lozano confirms at least part of the thesis of the book, Maria de Isla (married to Christoval) had a sister Petrona (Petronila) very likely unmarried. She is clearly not the bastard daughter of Benito, she is (very likely) the granddaughter of Benito.

Another important consideration are the years. Bernardino de Ysla (father of Benito de Ysla) died before 1566, in el Archivo General de Indias there is a document regarding the dispute (Disputa de Bienes) of Bernardino de Ysla, the document has a date of 1573 and 1588. In that document Benito is not mentioned because surely Benito was already dead. The widow Magdalena de la Besares is mentioned, as well the brother and sister of Benito. On the other hand Maria de Isla (married to Christoval Lozano) was having children in 1617, very likely Maria de Isla (married to Christoval) was born around 1595-1600.

Another point, Benito's arrival to New Spain was on 1557 (according with the document that we all have). If Benito was 20-25 years old (maybe more) he had to be born around 1530-1537. That would make him 70 years old when Maria de Isla (married to Christoval) was born. But based on my previous point Benito very likely was already dead when Maria de Isla (married to Christoval) was born. Just a Thought

Thank you again Danny

Saludos desde Seattle

Susana L


Could you please tell me where to find the disputa? I tried PARES and found nothing.

Thank you,


Could you please tell me where to find the disputa? I tried PARES and found nothing.

Thank you,


I've seen this baptism several times, and I'm not sure what it changes. If you look at the link to the tree I provided and based on the available dispensas and other records where they are named, Maria de Isla is already listed as the sibling to the other Maria de Isla, as well as, the sister to Magdalena Lavazares and Petrona de Isla. Also, I already have Cristobal Lozano listed as the (uncertain) brother of Francisco Gonzalez. The thing that might change things is the death of a Benito de Isla, if true, before 1573. Since we know that the Maria de Isla married to Andres Martin de Sotomayor was for certain born very close to 1600 based on the fact that she was having children close to, if not actually, in the 1640s and since we know for an absolute certainty that this Maria de Isla is the proven daughter of Benito the Isla, we know for a fact that this particular Benito de Isla, father of Magdalena de Lavezares and Maria de Isla y Moctezuma, was in fact alive close to 1600. So, either you're wrong about Benito de Isla's death or it's a different Benito de Isla. The thread I provided the link to had mentioned various theories that there were possibly two Benito de Islas. If it can be proven that Benito de Isla, son of Bernardino de Isla and Magdalena Lavezares was dead by 1573 than there's definitely a missing generation. Another thing, if Juana Navarro did have children with Benito de Isla, based on the generally accepted timeframe regarding the birth of Petronila de Moctezuma, if Juana Navarro is her daughter, she wouldn't be anywhere close to childbearing years until mid 1580s, which again would disprove the death of Benito de Isla anywhere close to 1573, unless it's a different Benito de Isla.

Danny C. Alonso


I believe in the current theory, the Benito de Isla (I) which came from Spain is not the same as the one that (maybe) married Juana Navarro, but the father of another Benito de Isla (II). Reason being there still is a generation required to get Magdalena Labesares (I) in the bloodline, who would be the wife of Benito de Isla (I) and grandmother to Magdalena Labesares (II) who married Francisco Gonzalez.

That was from memory, I may be wrong!


Hola Susana,

The link that Danny provided appears overwhelming, but it has a lot of good info. Here it is again, for your convenience:

Read my post from 28 May 2015; in the last paragraph, I include another clue supporting that Cristobal Lozano and Francisco Martinez Gonzalez were brothers.

Otherwise, from documents we’ve seen, we know only that Benito de la Isla had 3 daughters: Maria de Islas y Moctezuma, Magdalena de Lavezaris, and their mestiza half-sister, Maria de Islas.

I’ve seen nothing linking Benito de la Isla cc Juana Navarro to this family, other than the the corresponding name & surname. Nor have we seen anything linking Maria de Isla cc Cristobal Lozano to this family (along with her supposed sister, Petrona). The surname “Isla/s” was used by various individuals and families throughout Colonial Mexico, and it’s hard to determine whether there are any links. Everything is still speculation, at this point.

Alex, go to PARES, then cut & past this into the search field: Juro a favor de Magdalena de Besares, Bartolomé de Isla, Sebastián Besares y Bernardina de Isla de 3.447 maravedís.

It’s only the index, and there is no date, only that it’s from the 2nd half of the XVI century.

In the same above-mentioned thread, I cite other PARES documents suggesting that Benito’s mother, Magdalena de Lavezaris (along with Sebastian Besares mentioned above) lived in Mexico during the 1530’s, with her supposed brother, Guido the bookseller. The Lavezaris originated in Genoa, Italy; I believe that Rick Ricci has suggested that the “Isla/s” surname also originated in Italy, which would make sense: apparently, several genovese booktraders moved to Sevilla during the late XV Century.

That's my 2c.

Gracias y Saludos!
Manny Diez Hermosillo

Ok I was able to find the document, thanks a million Manny!

Now as the description is quite short, does it state that a judgement to Magdalena de Besares, Bartolomé de Isla, Sebastián Besares y Bernardina de Isla has been for a sum of money? I dont believe it necessarily means Magdalena de Besares is a widow?

What a totally interesting document with that combo of surnames in Spain!

Manny I saw your timeline but to clarify, are you thinking Magdalena Lebasares' (m. Francisco Gonzalez) father Benito was the same Benito to travel to the Americas with Guido Lebasares?



I'm not opposed to the idea of two Benito de Isla's. I've just never seen an actual document that definitely says that there are two and I think the dates still work fine with just one Benito de Isla. If you figure that Benito de Isla was fairly young when he came over in 1557, which would make sense since he's listed as the servant of his uncle Guido de Lavezares, then he was probably born sometime around 1540. There's no issue with him being alive and having kids in the 1580s or even 1600s, that is of course if he didn't die before 1573. But, there's no way that Maria de Isla y Moctezuma or Magdalena de Lavezares were born prior to 1573, so their Benito de Isla was definitely alive well after 1573. Also since Juana Navarro has come up I also think that she's the wife of Benito de Isla and most like the mother of Maria de Isla y Moctezuma and probably Magdalena de Lavezares. Jaime Holcombe names her as the wife of Benito de Isla and her specific date of death and even her albaceas and where they were vecinos of. That's too specific for him to not have seen the actual record.

Danny C. Alonso

I agree with Danny. Benito de Isla was young when he crossed the Atlantic. The only detail that I disagree with Danny is Benito's age. I believe that he was younger than seventeen. When looking at all the information together, it seems as he was just about to, or had just become, a teenager.

Danny's comment about Jaime Holcombe providing much detail about Benito de Isla reminds me of the issue of Petronila Moctezuma. Many people still claim that it has not been proven that she was a descendant of Moctezuma because they don't have a primary source document to prove it. But they are wrong, it has been proven. Just because I can't produce the document because it has become lost does not mean that it didn't exist. I saw and held the evidence of her descent from Moctezuma with my own eyes and hands. I have provided details previously of what the document in previous posts. I have even provided that the primary source document has a slight error in our eyes. The author of the primary document stated that she was a granddaughter of Moctezuma. The precise wording should have been great granddaughter. The document is even dated in the narrative as it states that Lope Ruiz de Esparza had arrived two years earlier and that he had married Petronila Moctezuma some time between his arrival and the writing of the document. Since I have seen first hand the documentation, and the library insists that nothing was thrown away, just moved around, the document will one day be found in the library of the Mormon temple on Santa Monica Blvd in west Los Angeles.

Thank you Danny for presenting the case for one Benito de Isla. Like you, I am not completely against the idea of there being two Benito de Isla, but feel that Jaime Holcombe most likely had a primary source(s) from where he got his information. The only issue is that he is not around to question regarding his source(s). Since I am still around, I can adamantly state that there is primary source evidence of Petronila's descent from Moctezuma II. By the way, Moctezuma was never known during his life time as the "II". He was called Moctezuma the Younger. The Aztecs did not use a numbering system like first second or third in people's names.

Thanks again Danny,
Rick A. Ricci

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