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By dgmiv - Posted on 19 October 2017

I am looking for information on Marcos Marin and his wife Luisa. Actually, I am looking for opinions.

On the birth certificates of many of their children, her name is given as Luisa Tiscareño. In, she is identified as the daughter of José Delgado de Gabay and Francisca Tiscareño Ruiz. However, there is a marriage for Marcos Marin and Maria Luisa on 5 May 1670 in Aguascalientes. They are indios - his parents given as Diego de la Cruz and Maria Magdalena, hers are Juan Baltasar and Catalina Maria. The interesting part is that her parents are identified as "..servientes en la hacienda de los Tiscareño..." (it is the last record on page 37, continuing on 38)

The first child of the couple that I can find was Thomasa, baptized on 23 April 1671, which would fit with the May 1670 marriage. She is india. Maria was baptized 5 April 1676 and is also india.

Catalina, baptized 26 May 1678 and Luis, baptized 10 August 1680, are both mestizos.

There is a baptismal certificate for Luisa on 1 December 1653 - born to Juan Baltasar and Maria Catalina. I think that is probably the Luisa from the marriage certificate.

There is a baptismal certificate for Luisa Delgado de Tiscareño on 1 December 1649. This is the Luisa born to José Delgado de Gabay and Francisca Tiscareño Ruiz.

I actually think I just answered my own question in looking through all of this. I believe that Marcos Marin and Luisa (1653) are the parents of these children. I would like to hear all opinions.

Luisa tiscareno and Marcos Marin (de Penalosa?) are referred as either mestizos or Indios. Luisa Delgado Tiscareno is espanola.

Francisco Marian de Penalosa (the priest writes the name as such) son of Marcos Marin and Luisa Tiscareno marries a Maria Lopes (might be Maria Esparsa as she is from Padres no Conocidos).

I had written that something was not right but many people add their information which with the double names in same family, and same family giving same name during same timeline makes it difficult to sort them out unless, like you notices what is not right. Making the correction is sometimes tricky on Familysearch because there are many users and there are those who believe their line-up is correct, who don't like the designation Don, Capitan, Alferez, etc...

Now the other problem would be to figure out who the parents of Luis Delgado supposedly born 4 March 1649 though I was unable to locate it on pg 172 where the 4th of march is located though the records are really mixed up in Aguascaliente so there could be another page, but unfornately there is no film number to know if it really does exist. I attached Luisa Delgado Tiscareno (Espanola) image of baptism 1 Dec 1649. So unless they were twins (need to locate birth) they could not be born to the same mother in the same year though he was born in March and she was born in November of 1649 that is 9 mos.

I believe they are who you found them to be married in 1670 and now to find who did Luisa Marry? I left all three in the family with questions hopefully with more information they can be detached.


Melchor Marin and Luisa were indios and servants of the Tiscareño and Marin de Peñalosa families. Both took the names of the families they served. I've seen at least 12 or 13 children attributed to this couple. Bill Figueroa has commented on them in previous posts as a reason to use caution when researching because of the similar names and how easy it is to confuse families that, in this case, have no blood relation to individuals that are using their apellidos.


Thank you for the information. It is really confusing. And I agree about FamilySearch. I put information in there, but I really rely on software that isn't on the internet.

Thanks again. Daniel

Thank you, Chris. That is pretty much what I figured out. I found the marriage record for Marcos and Luisa, and also for her parents, Juan Baltasar and Catalina Maria. On both records it states that they are servientes or criados en la Hacienda de los Tiscareño. I just figured exactly what you said, that she used the Tiscareño name - I found her baptismal certificate, but is just for Luisa, india, hija legitima de Juan Baltasar y Maria Catalina. I don't find anything for him other than the marriage record.

Thanks again,

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