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Need help finding a Headstone in Cocula Jalisco /necesita ayuda para encontrar una lápida en Cocula Jalisco

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By Edesparza81 - Posted on 17 October 2017

Does anyone know how I can contact the cemetery in cocula Jalisco to locate a headstone? I can't find a birth record for a family member, but i have his death record. His name was Gregorio Antonio Esparza, died on May 2 1806 in Cocula, he was supposedly born in Amatlan de Canas in Nayarit around 1750's. Not exactly sure. Hoping his headstone will have a birthdate and parents names so i can continue my search. Or if anyone has tips on how I can get the info. The church record book that should have his info has water damage, So either his entry is on one of the areas that is damaged and cant read or he came from another area.

¿Alguien sabe cómo puedo contactar el cementerio en Cocula Jalisco para localizar una lápida? No puedo encontrar un registro de nacimiento para un miembro de la familia, pero tengo su registro de defunción. Su nombre era Gregorio Antonio Esparza, murió el 2 de mayo de 1806 en Cocula, supuestamente nació en Amatlán de Cañas en Nayarit alrededor de 1750. No estoy seguro. Esperando que su lápida tenga una fecha de nacimiento y nombres de padres para poder continuar mi búsqueda. O si alguien tiene consejos sobre cómo puedo obtener la información. El libro de registro de la iglesia que debería tener su información tiene daños causados por el agua. Entonces, su entrada está en una de las áreas dañadas y no puede leerse, o vino de otra área.

Hello Ed,

Gregorio Antonio de Esparza y Barbosa A.K.A. Gregorio Antonio Barbosa was the son of Onofre José Barbosa and Catarina Banegas. He married Mariana López in Amatlán de Cañas on July 1758. The record of this marriage is the third one of the right hand side page:

They had at least two children:

José Rafael de la Cruz christened in Amatlán on 30 Sept 1768

María Josefa Tomasa christened in Cocula on 07 Jan 1783

I hope this information helps in your search.


Holy crap thank you!! Never knew he went by Barbosa. I have those 2 children already, there is 1 more. Juan Estaban esparza. It was through his marriage record I found Gregorio. I have been stuck on him for 2 years. Thank you so much!!

You're welcome Ed.

I wish you the best of luck in your search.

Can I ask how you know this information? I obviously missed it not only because they went by a different last name, but the entry is partially blurry due to the water damage. So I'm curious how you have the info. and what other info do you have belonging to this family?


When I read your post Eddie, I made a search at FamilySearch and found the christening record of José Rafael de la Cruz.

Trying to find the marriage record of his parents I reviewed the records from 1767 going backwards.

The record cought my attention because it was about a Grego-rio (Something) and a Maria Anna Lopes. When I read the full name of the groom in the record I was as surprised as you were.

Have a nice day.

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