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Interesting article about Martin Casillas architect

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By 245luigi - Posted on 15 October 2017

Lots of good info inside, including his parents and Mencia's father

Thank you Alex for sharing this information. I already had the name of his father, but had not previously known the name of his mother. Putting this information together with the names of his nephew's parents provide clues to continuing the line in Spain.

I had his father's name as Pedro Casillas. This article states that his father's full name is Pedro Martin Casillas.

Thanks again,

Rick A. Ricci

I found a Pedro baptised in 1558 son of Pedro Martin and Marina Sanchez in Almendralejo

Dear Alex,

Great find Alex. This Pedro that is being baptized would be a brother to Martin Casillas. A key clue is who they listed as Padrinos. Martin Casillas's mother's father is surnamed Garcia which is the surname of the father of Martin Casillas's nephew. So it looks like the maternal Grandparents may be the padrinos. More research is needed to confirm, but many pieces have been added to the puzzle. if these padrinos are the maternal grandparents, then that would explain the nephew's Sanchez surname as he would get it from his grandmother.

The next step in my research is to find out if there is a connection between Marina Sanchez and the Sanchez/Golluf family of Toribio Hernandez Arellano.

Thank you again,

Rick A. Ricci

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