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By Ruben Hdez - Posted on 07 October 2017

Hello forum,

This family is very apart from the Hernández Gamiño family. I found some of them at the beginnings of the XVII century in Zamora.

Lázaro was born on 24 August 1610:

He was the son of Lázaro Hernández and Catalina Jiménez.

The only information I have found on Lázaro Hernández and Catalina Jiménez is the following citation from Mariano González-Leal in "Retoños de España en la Nueva Galicia":

"Don Juan Antonio Maldonado, segun informa don Steven F. Hernández López, casó en Zamora el 3 de octubre de 1622 con doña María Romero Bejines, quien fué sepultada en Zamora el 30 de abril de 1648.
La última fué hija de Lázaro Hernández Bejarano y de Catalina Jiménez Romero Bejines - Abuelos paternos, Alonso Hernández Bejarano y Anna de Estrada ...

So Lázaro (In the christenig record) and María (Juan Antonio Maldonado's wife) were the children of Lázaro Hernández and Catalina Jiménez and this last Lázaro was the child of Alonso Hernández Bejarano and Anna de Estrada.

Is there any experienced genealogist having some information on Alonso Hernández Bejarano and/or Anna de Estrada?

Coud it be this Alonso Hernández Bejarano the son or the grandson of the Alonso Hernández in the following document. This last Alonso was the son of Diego Hernández Bejarano and Juana Fernández:

Based on "Catálogo de Pasajeros a Indias" (Papeleta No. 4117, libro V, folio 284-v año 1538) this Alonso supposedly travelled to "la Florida".


My paternal family originates in Zamora, Michoacán, it was the "solar novoshispano" of the Méndez de Torres. D. Alonso Hernández Bejarano, "el Viejo" who was married to Da. Ana de Estrada would have been born ca. 1530 so he could be placed as a son, we need more documentation to prove or disprove the link. The record you provided states that Conquistador Alonso Hernández Bejarano;s parents were from La Junciana in the province of Avila in Castilla y León. This is where it seems this family originated from as they have other records in particularly Ejecutorias de Nobleza all from Avila.

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Many thanks for your comment Daniel.

When reviewing the christening and marriage records of Zamora at FamilySearch I was very surprised due to they are plenty of Méndez de Torres. Now I know why.


Considering your in-depth knowledge on the families of Zamora at that time, may I ask you a question?

There is a María de Garibay, the daughter of Juan de Garibay and Micaela de Avalos on the Padron 1680 in Zamora ( This is the record:

         Casa de Juo de garibay
                  Juo de garibay
                  Da Micaela de abalos su mugr
                  Miguel de garibay______
                  Maria de garibay_______
                  Clara de garibay_____

Based on Dispensas and marriage records of her children I found out she got married to Francisco Hernández. Francisco and María were the godparents on a christening record in Santiago Tangamandapio (About 20 Km. from Zamora) on February 1695. The record is the last one in the following image (The date on the record says 1694 by mistake):

They also christened two of their children in Santiago Tangamandapio on 1703 and 1704.

So Francisco and María got married between the years 1681 and 1694 for sure. They should got married in Zamora and later moved to Santiago Tangamandapio.

I have found the marriage records of Zamora up to 29 February 1688 at FamilySearch. But no luck in finding the marriage records after that date. Have you seen these records scrambled inside another FamilySearch film? or do you have any information on Francisco Hernández?


I have just found the death record of Diego Mendez de Torres (Born ca. 1560). He died on February 1640:

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