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Araiza y Medina

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By mharaiza - Posted on 02 October 2017

Hello all,

My name is Michael Araiza and I reside in Tucson, Arizona.
I've been do genealogy for about 6+ years. I have followed my Araiza line from Sonora into Jalisco. Ambrosio Araiza (1746-1819) was the first in my line up north from Jalisco. There has been such wonderful research done and contributed on the Araiza line and I am sincerely thankful to all those researchers. I would love to share anything I know on the surname if any of my info can be of use.

As I have come across, I understand that the Araiza's are in Aguascalientes in the early 1600's, and Fernando Araiza is a Vecino of Zacatecas.

My general question is there any information on the "y Medina" surname?

I have noticed that the "Araiza Y Medina" has been passed down into several generations even when an Araiza is not necessarily married to a Medina. Is this due to importance of the surname?

For example Juan de Araiza y Medina I, his parents were Fernando de Araiza and Maria Guzman, wouldn't the name have been Araiza Y Guzman? Why did the "Y medina" keep carrying on?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I have read, Fernando Araiza and Juan Araiza Y Medina I are the the first to the new world from Los Reinos de Castilla por un lugar de la vizcaya?

Any info or discussion will be greatly appreciated.

Muchas Gracias,


I've seen the post you're referring to about Juan de Araiza y Medina being from Spain. I only know he was at one time a resident of Zacatecas, so I couldn't say for sure, but others may know more. As far as the use of Medina, it must've been an important ancestor. I've seen lots of instances where a compound surname included a second name that wasn't used by either of the immediate parents. Another example being Andres Martin de Sotomayor who passed on to his descendants the name Martin de Sotomayor even though he was the son of Andres Martin Camacho and Maria de la Ruelas, the Sotomayor coming from somewhere in his mother's past. Something similar is probably occurring with the Araiza y Medina.

Danny C. Alonso

Welcome aboard, Michael!

There has been a lot of great research in to the Araiza line on Nuestros Ranchos. Several years ago a group of us worked on finding Juan de Araiza y Medina's will. It is in Aguascalientes, and dated 7 Aug 1664. I started out writing this message to correct you on something, but I am ending up correcting myself. This is why we all need to keep looking at the primary sources.

The testimony regarding "un lugar de la Vizcaya," (literally "someplace in Biscay") is in the Ordination paperwork for Gabriel de Araiza from 1739, (in a document that is super interesting in its own right) and that my good friend Enrique Agraz found. In it, Christobal de Araiza y Medina states that his grandfather Juan de Araiza y Medina’s place of origin was “en los Reinos de Castilla en algún lugar de la Vizcaya.” This literally means “in the Kingdom of Castile, in someplace in Biscay. “

Therefore this document says that Gabriel’s great-grandfather Juan de Araiza y Medina I was from Vizcaya. I had set out to say that his is not strictly speaking true, since Juan de Araiza y Medina, I’s will said he was from Zacatecas, but I was wrong. I re-read the will, and all it says is says is that Juan was “vecino de Aguascalientes,” and that his father and mother were "vecinos de Zacatecas.” I had wrongly assumed that since Fernando and Maria had lived in Zacatecas, that meant Juan had been born in Zacatecas, but if you put both the will and the Ordination paperwork together, there is no contradiction.

This therefore means that Fernando de Araiza I, his wife Maria de Guzman, and their son Juan were all originally from Castile, in the province of Vizcaya (one of the Basque provinces) This makes them later arrivals in the new world than I had thought.

I will repost the link to the beginning of Gabriel’s ordination paperwork, which is long. The info on Vizcaya comes on images 251, 252, 253:

Now, regarding the “Medina” part, I have not yet figured out why the Araizas used it for so long. But it does seem that it was a compound last name for at least four generations, since all of the following used it: Juan de Araiza y Medina I, Juan de Araiza y Medina II, Christobal de Araiza y Medina, Gabriel de Araiza y Medina. I descend from Christobal’s son Agustín, who apparently did not use the Medina last name.

Thanks for the great questions!

Sergio Sean Salés


Thank you for your response.

I agree with you that both Fernando Araiza, Maria de Guzman and Juan de Araiza Y Medina I are from Castile. After studying the will and Gabriel's ordination records, things lined that they were all from Spain. As the ordination states when Juan is from "Vizcaya" and the will states Fernando de Araiza is a "Vecino" de Zacatecas as well as Juan as a "Vecino". Juan Araiza was probably an infant or small child when he came across with Fernando and Maria.

I wonder why refers to his father as "Fernando de Araiza" and not as Fernando de Araiza y Medina? He references his children as "Araiza y Medina"

Have you ever heard of a site called " Archivo Historico de Eclesiatico de Bizkaia"?, perhaps this place could be a breaking point to continue the investigation

One more thing that scratches my curiosity is that in the will, Juan Araiza makes a comments about his slave Nicolasa (pg 3)and references that she had belonged to his grandparents since she was 4 years of age. I wonder if his grandparents came too, or they only brought Nicolasa with them.

I found this 1683 death record for a Nicolasa de Araiza, "Esclava negra".

I descend from Cristobal's son Juan Antonio Araiza (Agustin's brother).

Again thank you for all your hard work and help. Perhaps we can break this wall some day.


I am looking for the parents of Ana Lucia (Luciana) Araiza. Ana Lucia de Araiza was married to Nicolas Villapando. They are ancestors of a Romo de Vivar line that moved from Aguascalientes to Coahuila.

Nicolas Villalpando and Ana Lucia's son, Jose Miguel Villalpando, was married to Francisca Romana Villalpando y Castaneda. Francisca is the daughter of Manuel Villalpando and Josefa Castaneda.

Rick A. Ricci


When were Ana Lucia Araiza and Nicolas Villalpando married? I have a LOT of Araizas in my tree because it is a line I am very interested in. Do you know when and where she was born?


Ana Lucia Araiza and Nicolas Villalpando were married most likely in the 1770's and were having children in the 1780's in Aguascalientes.

Ana Lucia Araiza and Nicolas Villalpando are the parents of Jose Agustin Villalpando.

Jose Agustin Villalpando's padrino is Rodrigo Medina. I believe that Rodrigo Medina is related to Luciana Araisa. I believe that both are related to Juan Araiza y Medina.

Jose Augustin Villalpando
Event Type Baptism
Event Date 19 Mar 1780
Event Place Nuestra Señora de Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico
Gender Male
Father's Name Nicolas Villalpando
Mother's Name Lucia Araiza
Note PR_NAME: Espanol
Citing this Record
México, Aguascalientes, registros parroquiales, 1620-1962, database with images, FamilySearch( : 28 August 2017), Nicolas Villalpando in entry for Jose Augustin Villalpando, 19 Mar 1780; citing Baptism, Nuestra Señora de Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico, parroquias Católicas, Aguascalientes (Catholic church parishes, Aguascalientes).


Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick

I came across this dispensa which has some answers for your regarding the father and paternal grandmother of Ana Lucia Araiza (wife of Nicolas Villalpando):

father: Jose de Araiza
paternal grandmother: Maria Macias

Manuel Justo Fernandez de Leon viudo de Juana Antonio de MEDINA.
Francisco Ramirez married to Teodora Villalpando
Alexo Macias viudo de Maria Francisca Luebano
"México, Jalisco, registros parroquiales, 1590-1979," database with images, FamilySearch ( : 28 June 2014), Guadalajara > Diócesis de Guadalajara > Matrimonios 1686-1697, 1798, 1800 > image 159 of 616; parroquias Católicas, Jalisco (Catholic Church parishes, Jalisco).

It is a dispensa for ignacio AGUILERA and maria dorotea guadalupe VILLALPANDO from 1799/1800.

There is also a Villalpando parentesco so there are some Villalpando relationships detailed here too.


Hello Denise,
Thank you for sharing your findings.
José Secundino de Araisa was baptized in 1720 in Aguascalientes
His parents are Jose De Araisa and Maria Rosa Macias . Jose Secundino Araisa was married in 1752 to Petra Micaela De Medina y Jaimes ( daughter of Simon De Medina and Maria De Jaimes.

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick

I am still browsing through the extracted lists of dispensas and found this one :

140 #56 secundino de arayza & petra michaela medina / asientos

1748-1750 FHL Source Film 168006 - Mexico Genealogy
Mexico Genealogy
Genealogical Information - Catholic Church Records
Sagrada Mitra de Guadalajara
Marriage Dispensations in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
former Province of New Galicia / Nueva Galicia in the Spanish Colonies
Family History Library, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.
Source film: 168006

Which you probably already have but just in case.... (and maybe someone else out there can use it).


I do have it. It was your previous post that contributed to me finding it. I am still going through the dispensas that I have found on from this family. There were many marriages between cousins so there is much to untangle It seems that the children, parents, and grandparents all had to ask for marriage dispensations because they were repeatedly related.

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

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