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informaciones matrimoniales aguascalientes asuncion de maria 1723-24

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 30 September 2017


Anyone know where the informaciones matrimoniales for 1724 (oct 1723-jan 1725), Aguascalientes, Asuncion de Maria, can be found?

They are not to be found in the usual list of films for baptisms, deaths, marriages and info matrimoniales for Asuncion de Maria....

If you have found them misfiled with baptisms or somewhere else (sometimes happens), please post the link or the GS film nr...



I created an index of Aguascalientes matrimonial investigations which covers them through about 1750.

They are often not in chronological order. I do not recall if this specific period was there, but you can down load my indexes from the reference materials area of NR. These are searchable PDF files.

There are many missing investigations.

Family search reposted the films after I posted my first group, so the image numbers are not correct with the current postings.



This is great! Can hardly wait to get started on looking - thanks!


como se puede acceder a los indices?

No se puede acceder a los indices en la sida espanol - pero se puede así, en la sida inglés:

Go to:

Files (next to "Albums" and "Archives" tabs)

select Reference Materiales

select Aguascalientes Matrimonial Investigations.

Hope this helps!


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