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Don Sebastian de el Aguila and Dona Maria Teresa Lopez de Nava

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By Denise Fastrup - Posted on 29 September 2017


I am looking for the parents of Sebastian de el Aguila, married to Dona Maria Teresa Lopez de Nava.

They are named as parents of Don Diego Xavier de el Aguila in his marriage to Anna Maria Valdes 09 Dec 1778.

I have searched high and low for Aguilas in Family Search. There are several Sebastians and one with potential. However, I need Sebastians marriage record to be sure....

Next step is going through images page by page, unless someone already has this information.....and is willing to share!



i found a Juan del Aguila, viudo de Juana de Ocampo married to a Da Maria Lopez de Nava in 1724 in Asientos, Aguascalientes. Da Maria Lopez de Nava is the daughter of Dn Diego Lopez de Nava and Da Theresa Sanchez Altamirano:

Danny C. Alonso


Thanks a million! I HAD seen the image yesterday but thought it must be the wrong person, but you made me look again....Juan's parents are not named in the document, but I can try to find the info matrimonial for this marriage.

What made me think again is that the marr record for Diego Xavier de el Aguila and Anna Maria Valdes lists his mother as Maria TERESA Lopez de Nava, and in the image of Juan's marriage to Maria Lopez de Naba, is lists her mother as (Dna) TERESA Sanchez.

This is my candidate for Sebastian: IMAGE

So now I have to search the info matrimoniales....narrowed down to sometime before the date of Juans marriage...!



if Maria Lopez de Nava is the same as Maria Teresa Lopez de Nava, which she probably is, here is more of her ancestors:ópez%20de%20Nava-Family-Tree-80

Danny C. Alonso

Thanks Danny!

I am still trying to establish that the couple you found are the same ones listed as parents of Diego Xavier de el Aguila.

No record of them in the info matr for Asientos. Nor in Asunscion de Maria, Aguascalientes, - but 1724 plus part of 1723 are missing in the latter. For now i am at a dead end....may check info matr for fresnillo....


Hi Danny

Just took a look at the wikitree you directed me to - it's given me a new lead -Thanks!


Here is their marriage record:

Name Juan De La Aguila
Spouse's Name Maria Lopez De Nava
Event Date 22 Feb 1724
Event Place Nuestra Señora De Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico
Spouse's Father's Name Diego Lopez De Nava
Spouse's Mother's Name Teresa Sanchez
Race White
Citing this Record
"México matrimonios, 1570-1950," database, FamilySearch ( : 14 July 2015), Teresa Sanchez in entry for Juan De La Aguila and Maria Lopez De Nava, 22 Feb 1724; citing Nuestra Señora De Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico, reference ; FHL microfilm 1,410,794.

Maria Lopez de Nava has Lope Ruiz de Esparza as one of her ancestors. To learn more about Lope Ruiz de Esparza's ancestry, see the post on him where I identify his ancestors.

Rick A. Ricci

Thanks Rick!

In the actual record (the image) there is no information about the parents of Juan. And I also do not have documentation that this Juan was actually Sebastian (Juan Sebastian) father of Diego Xavier de el Aguila. That is what I now am looking for. I was hoping to find the info matrimonial for the marriage of 22 feb 1724, I looked through the available images from may 1723 - march 1724 for Asientos, but did not see it. Went to Fresnillo records to look through the info matrimoniales but there is a gap for 1724 and late 1723.....

I would like to here say thanks for all the info you have shared with us in NR! It represents a mountain of research. I have even enjoyed reading about the Lisalde family, although they are not on my tree! I descent from Lope RdE through the Romo line via Raphael Romo aka Femat. Maybe I also descend from him via the Lopea de Nava line....hope to soon find out one way or the other.


Dear Denise,

A bell rang in my head when you said that you descend from Rafael Romo aka Femat as there is a Femat that is a madrina to a child of Diego Xavier de la Aguila and Ana Maria Valdez. Jose Perez Theran and Maria de la Luz Femat are the padrinos.

Maria Ventura Trinidad de Aguila
Event Type Baptism
Event Date 16 Jul 1781
Event Place Nuestra Señora de Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico
Gender Female
Father's Name Diego de Aguila
Mother's Name Ana Maria Valdez
Note PR_NAME: Esspañol
Citing this Record
México, Aguascalientes, registros parroquiales, 1620-1962, database with images, FamilySearch( : 28 August 2017), Diego de Aguila in entry for Maria Ventura Trinidad de Aguila, 16 Jul 1781; citing Baptism, Nuestra Señora de Belén, Asientos, Aguascalientes, Mexico, parroquias Católicas, Aguascalientes (Catholic church parishes, Aguascalientes).


Thanks and good luck in your research,
Rick A. Ricci

Thanks Rick!

Here's what I have, to sum up what you found, and what I and others found:

Don Diego del el Aguila had 2 wives.

Wife #1 was Rosalia Villalpando.
Their daughter was Raphaela Aguila born ca. 1760, married to Raphael Femat/Romo (son of Ygnacio Antonio Femat and Victoria Antonia Velasco)

Wife #2 was Ana Maria Valdez
Their daughter is the person you found: Maria Ventura Trinidad de Aguila bapt 1781
madrina was Maria de la Luz Femat, and I would guess she could be Rafaela's sister in law or aunt.

Bernardo Menchaca found two sisters already, Maria Rosalia Femat bapt. Nov 1765, and Maria Gertrudis Diega Femat bapt. Nov 1767.

Raphael was born in 1763 as their first child. So if there is another sister (Maria de la Luz), she would have been born after 1767. That would make her ca 13-14 years old, max, - too young to be a madrina, making it more likely Maria de la Luz was an aunt - sister of Ygnacio Antonio Femat. Well, it's an educated guess!



It's good to see you're back doing research. Interesting leads you and our fellow members have on the el Aguila surname.

I have now done some DNA analysis, Y and autosomal. My second and third closest autosomal matches are from descendants of Rafael Romo/Femat from Coahuila, currently living in Texas. We only know of one descendant of Rafael Romo and Rafaela del Aguila, Manuel, so mitochondrial DNA won't help researching this line. In my case Rafaela del Aguila is 7 generations from me, so probably just borderline for autosomal DNA.

Have you considered DNA testing?



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