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Alonsos, Tiscareno, Lopes

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By sarod77 - Posted on 23 September 2017

After 2 years of looking for the Alonsos and Gomes who started in early 1700 to marry into the core families of Delgado, Rodriguez, Lopes and Escareno, I finally found Urbano Alonso (2cousin 2x removed) married to my 2nd Great Aunt Maria Guadalupe Lopes and they had a Dispensa. I could not find the dispensa. Then I found he also married the sister of Maria Guadalupe and had another dispensa for 1st with 2nd and 3rd . I was hoping to find where did the Alonsos originate (I did find one as Alonso de los Ynojos married into the Gomes but not in my direct line. While I have Gomes de Sotomayor within this core family, I have not found a connection).

After again searching for Dispensas I found the following in this book of San Luis Potosi


• IM -1864-1920 3006 pages

I had read somewhere that there had been heated discussions to San Luis being part of Michoacán and not Guadalajara Obispados. That Salinas was part of Zacatecas and others have said no way. I also found some communication coming from Guadalajara and not Michoacán so it seems there was a change just not sure what.
Curious as the first pages stated Diligencias Matrimonial. I found a Page with Urbano Alonso and Ascencion Lopes

1st question - The quality is very poor so my first question is “does anybody know of a program that could enhance the pages. I do have the basic editing and did so, but still I can’t read it. I then put the info I did have on the family and came up with the part of the connection that does not really include Alonsos. I am interested what the testigos stated.

2nd question - Is this the Dispensa in a different format for the modern times?

Root Juan Antonio Tiscareno cc Juana Gertrudis Coronado
1st Maria Graciliana Escareno (tiscareno) cc Pedro Antonio Lopes de la Fuente y Nava
2nd Jacinta Lopes Escareno cc Jose Ramon Alonso
3rd Jose Maria Alonso cc to Maria del Pilar Mares
4th Urbano Alonso cc 19 JUN 1857 primer nupcial Maria Guadalupe Lopes
cc 29 NOV 1866 secundo nupcial Maria Ascencion Lopes

both marriages took place in Salinas del Penon Blanco, SLP, Mexico, later to be known as Salinas de Hidalgo (after Dolores Hidalgo past through there).

Root Pedro Antonio Lopes de la Fuente y Nava cc Maria Graciliana Escareno
1st Doroteo Lopes Escareno cc Guadalupe Contreras Delgado
2nd Maria Guadalupe Lopes Escareno cc Urbano Alonso
Maria Ascencion Lopes Escareno cc Urbano Alonso

Thank you for any information someone might have or hope this information helps someone.

Do a google search for "free picture editing software." There will be a number of hits, including at least one that will compare different applications. There are also online applications that you may try as well.

Often these applications will have an auto enhance feature. Sometimes these work, sometimes not. Otherwise it is often a trial and error process with contrast and brightness. Inverting the image (producing a negative image) may be helpful.

Thank you gpf13

Hola a todos:

Recuerdo haber visto registros de la familia Alonso en el libro "Andariegos y pobladores de Nueva España y Nueva Galicia" de Miguel Romero de Solís que se puede ver en línea.



Gracias Marcelina si tengo ese documento. Es que estoy atorada (stuck)con los Alonsos en mi linea directa en 1750.

Hola Simona:

El apellido Alonso puede ser complicado ya que puede ser un nombre "clave", tengo información personal de que ese apellido significa "hermandad" y podría referirse a las órdenes militares y haber sido utilizado en lugar de un apellido real.

¿Cuál es el ancestro Alonso más antiguo que conoces? ¿Sabes cuál era su ocupación?


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