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Unsubscribe Please

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By makas_nc - Posted on 02 September 2017

For those that feel strongly enough please send me an email to so I can unsubscribe you.

It is my opinion that there is enough valuable information within the Somos
Primos newsletter to continue sending it to the group. Do I agree with
everything within its pages, no, do I agree with some of the things within
its pages, yes. The parts I agree with I use, the parts I disagree with I
reject. However if I feel strongly enough about the disagreeable parts I
would consider taking it to the author or even discussing it in a forum that
is political in nature. The NR group is not the political forum to share
your opinions. Look over the SP newsletter and you will find some nuggets of
valuable information and you'll also find info that is disagreeable.

On my computer I have a mouse that is trained to just click and delete
things that I KNOW I won't agree with. I even have an option called "Create
Rule" that allows me to enter key words in a subject that will automatically
delete email that I find offensive or dangerous.

Again if my sharing the SP NL with the group if so offensive please I beg
you to either unsubscribe yourself or send me ( an email so
I may gladly accommodate you.

Joseph Puentes

Ps: I'll be unsubscribing folks that continue a dialog that is political in

A site dedicated to genealogical research needs site managers that show empathy for how the members feel regarding divisive and racist comments. Anybody that feels offended by these political bombs that are included in somoprimos posts should be allowed to complain about them. It's the managers job to delete the offensive posts, not to threaten to unsubscribe those that are offended and complain about the divisive and racist posts.

If something isn't done about the offensive comments from somoprimos you won't have to worry about threatening to unsubscribe people, the offended members will exit the nuestrosranchos community, and you will be left with a much smaller membership that doesn't mind being part of a group that welcomes divisive and racist posts, but disapproves of the complaints about the divisive, racist, and inconsiderate posts.

We need empathy and compassion, not threats, divisiveness, and racism.

You are barking up the wrong tree!

R.A. Ricci

Unsubscribe please.

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