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Pedro Alonso de los Hinojos & Ana Dominguez

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By jrefugioghermosillo - Posted on 03 August 2017

Hola prim@s,

I don’t have this family in my lines, but I’ve accumulated some information on them, which I thought I’d share with those of you who do.

Pedro Alonso de los Hinojos married Ana Dominguez 3 May 1620, on Paraje de Las Bocas in San Matias, Pinos. Their padrinos were Hernando Medel and his wife, Maria Perez; testigos were Miguel Diaz and Juan Vasquez. After marrying, they’d live on Las Bocas, eventually relocating to Aguascalientes, some time between May 1633 and Mar 1636.

The children of Pedro Alonso de los Hinojos and Ana Dominguez are:

1. Maria Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 21 Mar 1621, San Matias, Pinos, Zac. Padrino Cristobal Hernandez. Appears as madrina for baptism of younger sister, Luisa, on 15 May 1633.
2. Juan Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 03 May 1622, San Matias, Pinos, Zac, padrinos Cristobal Hernandez y Sebastiana Diaz; m. Ysabel Lopez Ramirez, 22 May 1652, Santa Maria de Lagos, Jal.
3. Luisa Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 15 May 1633, San Matias, Pinos, Zac, madrina: Maria Alonso (her older sister); m. Blas Hernandez Gamiño, 19 Jul 1654, Asuncion de Maria, Ags.
4. Diego Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 19 Mar 1636, Asuncion de Maria, Ags, pp Joseph de Alba y Da Catalina su muger; d. 07 Mar 1660, Asuncion de Maria, Ags. Clerigo Presbitero, ordained Corona y 4 grados: 11 Jan 1654; 15 Mar 1659.
5. Joseph Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 05 Apr 1637, Asuncion de Maria, Ags, padrinos Juan Rodriguez de Chavarria y Beatriz Retamosa su muger; d. 06 Mar 1700, Asuncion de Maria, Ags; m. Maria Teresa Ruiz de Lizalde.
6. Ana Dominguez, b. 10 Jan 1639, Asuncion de Maria, Ags; m1. Juan Hernandez Gamiño; m2. Francisco Fernandez de Palos, 30 Dec 1688, Asuncion de Maria, Ags.
7. Pedro Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 30 May 1643, Asuncion de Maria, Ags.
8. Nicolas Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 02 Nov 1645, Asuncion de Maria, Ags, padrino: Hernando Calderon; Ordained, Corona y 4 grados, 4 May 1662, Aguascalientes.
9. Leonor Sanchez de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 13 Jun 1647, Asuncion de Maria, Ags; m. Nicolas de Palos.
10. Antonio Alonso de los Hinojos Dominguez, b. 25 Apr 1649, Asuncion de Maria, Ags. Padrino: Diego Vasquez Buendia.

Thank you, Mary Lou Montagna, for the early San Matias Pinos baptism and marriage indexes.


According to the Limpieza de Sangre required when their son, Nicolas Alonso, took his religious orders, 4 May 1662, Pedro Alonso was son of Diego Alonso de los Hinojos and Leonor Sanchez de Ulloa, of San Luis Potosi, and Ana Dominguez was daughter of Miguel Diaz and Maria Medel, originally from Leon, Gto (and owners of Paraje de Las Bocas, in Sierra de Pinos).

According to Rafael Morales Bocardo, in his “Diccionario...,” Diego Alonso de los Hinojos was a “dueño de recua”: he owned a mule train. He and Leonor Sanchez were also parents of:

- Diego Alonso de los Hinojos “El Mozo”
- Juan Alonso de los Hinojos, m. Beatriz Lopez del Castillo
- Leonor Sanchez
- Ysabel Sanchez
- Catalina Martin

On 6 May 1616, in SLP, Diego Alonso de los Hinojos agreed to act as guarantor for his son-in-law, Juan Muñiz, for a debt that he owed to Francisca de la Paz, viuda. Juan Muñiz and Ysabel Sanchez baptized Juan, 13 Jul 1616, Sagrario SLP.

When daughter Catalina Martin submitted her Testamento, on 4 Aug 1658, she declared that she was born in Zamora, Michoacan. Catalina Martin married twice: m1. Diego Lopez de Mesa, m2. Fernando Coçetillo.

Juan Alonso de los Hinojos and Beatriz Lopez baptized their first 2 children in Zamora: Madalena, 30 Apr 1610, and Juana, 7 Aug 1613 (agua) & 30 Dec 1613 (pusieron los oleos). The madrina on Dec 30 was Juana Lopez, the child's grandmother, so we know Beatriz Lopez was from Zamora, where she and Juan Alonso likely married.

That said, I have a feeling that this family group originated in Zamora, that Diego Alonso de la Hinojos and Leonor Sanchez probably had their children there, before establishing themselves in San Luis Potosi. So if any of you are researching this line, I'd recommend starting there. That's all I have.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Dear Manny,

I do descend from them. Thank you very much for sharing this information. As always, your work is greatly appreciated.

Rick A. Ricci

Hola de nuevo,

In the footnotes, Rafael Morales Bocardo mentions that Diego Alonso de los Hinojos “El Mozo” was married to Maria del Hierro. I had missed that.

Diego Alonso “El Mozo” died and was buried 2 Feb 1657, and Maria del Hierro, on 25 Jun 1658, both in San Felipe, Gto, where they were residents. They were parents of Alonso de los Hinojos Hierro, b. 2 Dec 1613, in Zamora, Mich, and Diego Bernal de los Hinojos Hierro cc Catalina Martin.

On his death registry, Diego Alonso "El Mozo" is said to be a native of Valladolid (Morelia, Mich).

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hola prim@s,

Juan Martin de los Hinojos aka Juan Alonso de los Hinojos married Josefa Gutierrez, 14 May 1684, in Aguascalientes. He was son of Alonso Martin Mateos Saldaña and Maria Lopez del Castillo (m. 5 Mar 1628, San Luis Potosi), and she, viuda of Pedro Macias.

This one’s interesting: where does the “Alonso de los Hinojos” come from????

I have an idea: I think it’s likely that his father, Alonso Martin Mateos Saldaña, was a son of Diego Martin Mateos cc Maria de Saldaña, of SLP. Though it’s possible that the surname came from one of them, I think it’s more likely that the source is his mother, Maria Lopez del Castillo. I’d wager that she is a daughter of Juan Alonso de los Hinojos cc Beatriz Lopez del Castillo, and that she took her mother’s surname. Juan would’ve been named for his maternal grandfather. The timelines and locations fit. By the way, according to her burial record, Maria Lopez del Castillo did leave a testamento, but it doesn't appear to be available online.

That is my guess, as far as the source of Juan Martin’s “Alonso de los Hinojos.” But then, on his 19 May 1707 testamento, he’s given the name, “Juan de Armas Alonso de los Hinojos.” I haven’t researched this person, so I don’t know if “Armas” was a reoccurring surname, or a typo. Anyone?

I think it’s fascinating how the Alonso de los Hinojos y Sanchez de Ulloa spoked-off into 3 branches, with 3 sons, living in 3 different reales: Juan Alonso in SLP, Diego Alonso “El Mozo” in San Felipe Gto, and Pedro Alonso in Aguascalientes via Sierra de Pinos. Diego Alonso “El Viejo” owned a recua, which is what would have led him to moving to SLP: the need for pack trains, for hauling silver to Veracruz. Juan Alonso also owned a recua, likely inherited from his father, since he remained in SLP. I wonder if the other sons were in the same trade? Truckers of the 17th century!

Btw, I’ll start a thread on the Martin Mateos Saldaña, I have a lot of material on them, I just need to synthesize it.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

Hi Manny,

I just noticed your post. This is really great information. Thanks for sharing.


Home prim@s,

Here's some info I've picked up on 2 of the daughters of Diego Alonso cc Leonor Sanchez, with the possible addition of another offspring:


Leonor Sanchez was born in Zamora, Mich. She married Francisco Batalla, 12 Sep 1625, in San Luis Potosi. He was from Villa de Arruda, in Portugal, son of Francisco Batalla and Gracia Anarte. On their marriage record, the bride uses the name, Leonor de los Hinojos.

They had one child, Francisca Batalla, who married (1) Mateo Jimenez, and (2), Alonso Perez de Bocanegra, on 8 May 1662, in San Luis Potosi.

On 10 Apr 1653, already widowed, and sick and near dying, Leonor Sanchez gave power of attorney to Alonso Perez de Bocanegra, allowing him to dictate her testament.

On 09 Jul 1653, Leonor Sanchez registered her testament, naming Alonso Perez de Bocanegra as her executor, and her daughter, Francisca de Batalla, as her heir.

m1. Juan Múñoz (or Múñiz)
m2. Bartolomé de Medina

Ysabel Sanchez de Ulloa married twice: her first husband was Juan Muñoz, also Muñiz, a merchant. They had one son, Juan Muñoz (& Muñiz) “El Mozo,” b. 13 Jul 1616, Sagrario, San Luis Potosi.

On 25 Jul 1615, Lorenso Sanchez de Ulloa, dueño de requa, y su cuñado, Juan Muñoz, promised to pay Francisco de Fuente, resident of Mexico City, and Simon Luis, his local intermediary, 528 pesos of common gold for 16 mules, male and female, of assorted colors. Witnesses present were Diego Alonso de los Hinojos and Pedro Alonso de los Hinojos.

I believe this is the same Juan Muñoz who was married to Ysabel Sanchez de Ulloa, therefore, Lorenso Sanchez de Ulloa would be her brother. He uses their mother’s surname, and might have a different father. Apparently, Lorenso Sanchez and Juan Muñoz had problems paying their loan, and were thrown into jail.

On 15 Feb 1651, Sagrario SLP, baptized was Maria, daughter of Lorenso Sanchez arriero and Francisca de Contreras; padrinos were Juan Muñoz and his mother, Ysabel Sanchez.

On 06 Mar 1653, Ysabel Sanchez gave power to write her testamento to her 2nd husband, Bartolome Medina, and to her son, Juan Muñiz.

Manny Diez Hermosillo

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