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Intro-Torres, Ramos, Cisneros, Velasquez Mazamitla, Jalisco-Valencia, Cotija,Michoacan

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By Aaront1990 - Posted on 04 July 2017

Saludos Primos! My Name Is Aaron Torres, I live out In Washington State. I am researching on my fathers side Torres Ramos and Cisneros Velasquez from Mazamitla or Valle De Juarez(Valle De Mazamitla). Also on my fathers side I have Valencia, Zepeda, Mendoza from Cotja De la Paz.heres some of the information that I have. I can’t seem to find records dating back before 1800 in Mazamitla or Cotija.

1. Francisco Torres; born abt.1795 in Mazamitla, Jalisco; He Married Maria Carmen Ramos probably around 1825-1828 in Mazamitla, Jalisco, Mexico. She probably died around 1890-1895 in Aguililla, Michoacan.

2. Children of Francisco and Maria Carmen are:

3. i. Vicente Torres born abt. 1828 in Mazamitla, Jalisco; died 1898 in Aguililla, Jalisco.

4. ii. Agapito Torres born abt. 1843 in Mazamitla, Jalisco;died 1909 in Coalcoman ,Michoacan:Married Maria Cisneros married abt 1867-1870; daughter of Guadalupe Cisneros and Ramona Velaquez

5. iii. Crecencio Torres born abt.1836 in Mazamitla, Jalisco; Married Trinidad Cisneros;daughter of Guadalupe Cisneros and Ramona Velaquez;had a son Lorenzo Torres baptized in 1866 in Mazamitla, Jalisco

Baptism record for Lorenso

6. iv. Felipe Torres born abt.1845 in Mazamitla, Jalisco;died 1896 in Aguililla, Michaocan: Married Eusebia Cisneros; daughter of Guadalupe Cisneros and Ramona Velaquez

Guadalupe Sisneros and Ramona Velasquez also had a son named Manuel(I know this from my 85 year old great uncle) found a record of him being born 1852 but the mother being Ramona Velasco. And a Felipe Torres and Carmen Ramos as padrinos. Found a marriage record on a Guadalupe Cisneros and Ramona Velasco not sure if it the same familiy.

This is as far back back as I could go on Torres and Cisneros families, I can’t find anymore information on them.

For the Valencia side from Cotija

I have Vicente Valencia born around 1800 married to Dolores Zepeda born around the same time.They had a son named Geronimo Valencia born abt.1825 in Cotija;died 1893 in Aguililla, Michoacan. married Francisca Mendoza around1854 in Cotija.

I matched with someone on Ancestry dna as 4th-6th cousins having a Tiburcio Valencia and Margarita Zepeda born around the same time as Vicente Valencia im thinking they could be brothers.

If anyone shares any of those surnames and places let me know I would really appreciate the information.

Saludos de California Aaron y bienvenido al grupo!

A good portion of the records from Cotija were burned around the time of the Mexican Revolution. As such, the records for Cotija are very sparse as you've found out. That's the bad news. The good news is that our ancestors inter-married quite a bit and constantly had to solicit marriage dispensations from the bishopric of Michoacan. You may have some luck in finding marriage information for some of your earlier ancestors (Vicente Valencia cc Dolores Zepeda) in the parish records for Morelia using this link:

Note, the records are not indexed, you'll have to search film by film.

I am also a Valencia and have done a bit of research on my Valencia roots. I'm sure we're distant cousins given that my Valencia branch has roots in Cotija and beyond.

Daniel Serna Valencia


Welcome to the group. I am also a Valencia (from Cotija, Michoacán). This is my second great grandfather's line,

D. Vicente de Valencia cc.Da. Josefa de Oseguera y Bustamante (aunt of Anastasio Ruiz de Bustamante y Oseguera, Pres. of Méx
D. Cayetano Antonio de Valencia cc. Da. Josefa de Figueroa (m. 13 Jun 1833)
Da. Francisca de Valencia y Figueroa cc. D. Guadalupe Méndez de Torres y de la Cueva Villaseñor-Lomelín (m. 21 Apr 1873)

I would also recommend searching nearby towns as our ancestors tended to marry in nearby towns as well, like Daniel has stated not all hope is lost.

Un saludo,

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

Daniel Serna,

I started looking into the Morelia records! Will definitely keep looking into them and see if I find any information. I did notice the intermarriage of our ancestors going through some records and from family stories. We could be distant cousins since they all come from Cotija.

Daniel Mendez,

There's a lot of records in Aguililla, Michoacan of Valencias that moved there from Cotija but I haven't been able to make the connection with my Valencias need to keep digging eventually ill find something. Im sure the documents are there just got to dig deep and find them.

Thanks guys appreciate the help.

Aaron Torres

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