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FW: Somos Primos "We are cousins" July 2017

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By makas_nc - Posted on 30 June 2017

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Subject: Somos Primos "We are cousins" July 2017
Somos Primos "We are cousins" July 2017

Dear Primos and friends:

In celebration of July 4th, may the profound importance of the American Revolution fill you with gratitude and thankfulness for our great nation and the continuing sacrifices being made to maintain the freedoms we enjoy.

With special thanks to Dr. Carlos Campos y Escalante for the considerable information he sent for the July issue on the many successful voyages and global travels of early Spanish explorers. He also gathered data on the DNA of Mexico, the Indigenous, and the British, showing our connected historic humanity. You will find an enthusiasm and growing involvement in heritage projects, which is really exciting. Do search them out and get involved in one or more heritage projects. We all benefit.

God bless America, and strengthen each of us to be a builders and fortifiers, that we may continue to be a blessing to the world . . .

JULY 2017

United States
Marcelino Serna, 1896 - 1992, Most Decorated TX WWI Hero Honored by U.S.
1966 Martin High School, National Defense Cadet Corps (Jr. ROTC)
Laredo, Texas
Most Common Country of Origin of Legal Immigrants Other Than Mexico
(2012) by Ben Blatt
Very short video - 1995 Bill Clinton speech, about 84 seconds.
Donald Trump, the first President ever to hold the office without prior
military or government service:
The Presidency and the Constitution free online class offered by
Hillsdale College
Alabama counties drop in food stamp, after work requirement for
able-bodied adults were restarted.
The Unlikely U.S. Independence Trio by José Antonio López
The US & Mexico: Education and understanding by: Earl Anthony Wayne &
Sergio M. Alcocer
LULAC Supports Establishment of Smithsonian Museum Dedicated to Latino
History/Culture in DC
Irvine becomes Latinos top UC Choice by Teresa Watanabe
Westminster, California Mendez Memorial: Acknowledging the Past,
Celebrating the Future
NALIP selects Kate del Castillo, Outstanding Achievement in Television
NALIP receives California Arts Council Grant
I Am Not Your Wetback by Felipe de Ortego y Gasca
WWII: ‘Rumor Clinics’ Were Set Up to Dispel Morale-Damaging Gossip

Spanish Presence in the Americas' Roots
Conoce a Bernardo de Gálvez por Guillermo Fresser
Life and Times of Bernardo de Gálvez by Eddie Martinez
Galvez Center Considered by Texas A&M University–San Antonio

Heritage Projects
Rancho del Sueno Veteran Program
Hispanic Heritage Project
The Voces Oral History Project
AARP Arizona Hispanic Connection
Hints for Planning a Family Reunion

Historic Tidbits
La Independencia de HispanoAmérica y el Salto al Vacío de Nuestra
Categoría: Exploradores de América del Norte del siglo XVI nacidos en
How Millions Of Secret Silk Maps Helped POWs Escape Their Captors in

Hispanic Leaders
Brother Tom Treadaway, S.M.
Henry L. Lacayo, Educator Activist
Judge Emilio Vargas, Community Activist
Jonathan Sanchez, Longtime community newspaper man and activist
A Tribute to our Mothers: Norberta Guerrero Villanueva

American Patriots
Valiant Press, books on the action of Mexican-American Combat Heroes
Call for Submissions: U.S. Latina and Latino Oral History Journal
Jose G. Ramos' Story
Whittier Vietnam Veteran Jose G. Ramos to Receive High School Diploma
Vietnam War Veteran Gets Long-Awaited High School Diploma
Jose G. Ramos is the founder of Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day
Father's Day Poem, a Tribute to our Fathers by Jose G. Ramos
Vietnam War Hero With 37 Medals Barely Remembered

Our Education System
Center for Mexican American Studies
Financial Aid and Scholarships for Hispanic Students
The Bernard Osher Foundation

The Lost Tomb of Jesus through DNA
Soft Sharia in Turkey
Domatillia (Pontifical Commission of Sacred Art ) By Jason Daley
La catedral de Toledo el V centenario del cardenal Cisneros

32nd International Hispanic Theatre Festival of Miami
NALAC Leadership Institute
México ó Méjico

Books and Print Media
McCarthyism: Memories of a Blacklisted Bert Corona by Carlos Larralde
2017 American Library Association Convention in Chicago
Abraham Lincoln and Mexico by Michael Hogan
Four books written by Joe Sanchez: Latin Blues, True Blue, Red Herring,
Yellow Streak
Still Dreaming: My Journey from the Barrio to Capitol Hill by
Congressman, Luis Gutierrez
Los Invencibles de América: Hernán Cortés liberó a las tribus mexicanas
de la tiranía del Imperio
Azteca by Jesus A. Rojo Pinilla


Mexico: ¿Una Nación ó Varias en el mismo territorio?

Family History
Free Family History Library Classes &Webinars for July 2017
Giving Credit to Your Past: A Guide to Genealogy for the Entire Family
Evidence Explained by Elizabeth Shown Mills

Orange County, CA
July 8: SHHAR: Lizeth Ramirez, Archivist/Reference Librarian for the
City of Orange Public Library
Killefer Grade School by Douglas Westfall
July 4: 7th Festival Anal, 4 de Julio, Celebrando el Dia de la
July 19th: Culture Clash's OG Summer Desmadre
UCI meets U.S. Department of Education eligibility as a Hispanic-serving

Los Angeles County, CA
July 22: Abraham Lincoln and Mexico: A History of Courage, Intrigue and
Unlikely Friendships
Raul R. Morin Memorial, intersection of Lorena, Indiana & Cesar E.
Chavez Avenue, Boyle Heights
July 22: Canet & Romero Family Reunion
Zoot Suits: A Fashion Movement that Sparked Mexican American Resistance
Champions of Chicano Art Need to Face Reality: A Response to Cheech
Marin’s New Art Center
June 3rd, 2017, The Brotherhood of The Americas of Our Lady of Rocío
held its XIV Rocío USA

The Advocation of Our Lady of Rocio
August 16-20: San Diego International Mariachi Summit
The Present is a Dream of the Past Martha Vallejo McGettigan and David
Data: California population explosion
Mexican migrant workers came to California to pick grapes. Now they own
The Akat Café Kalli Project

Pan-Pacific Rim
Los Voluntarios Macabebes
¿Qué hacen soldados japoneses en el Ejército Español?
Formosa (actual Taiwan) cuando se administraba desde Nueva España (o sea

Northwestern US
Remembering the Spanish explorers of the Northwest Coast:
(1542) Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo
(1542) Bartolomé Ferrer (Ferrelo)
(1593-1601) Sebastián Vizcaíno
(1774) Juan Pérez Hernández
(1774) Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra
1779) Ignacio de Arteaga)
(1786) Alessandro Malaspina
(1789) Esteban José Martínez Fernández

Southwestern US
From AARP in Arizona
Early Spanish Explorers:
(1539) Hernando de Soto
(1540) Vázquez de Coronado
(1598) Juan de Oñate
Juan de Onate y La Batalla de Acoma
(1866) Goodnight-Loving Trail

El Vuelo y su Semilla Exhibit by Renowned Mexican Artist, Betsabee
Mexico: Through the Wall - A Traves del Muro
Dan Arellano on San Antonio's Tricentennial Committee
The History of My Ancestor: Manuel Margil Delgado by Gloria Candelaria
May 28th, 1861: San Antonio mission reopens as Marianist training center
June 12th, 1901: Killing of sheriff precipitates ballad tradition
May 30th, 1898 -- "Rough Riders" ordered from San Antonio to Florida
May 31st, 1783 -- San Antonio merchant killed by Apaches
Hospital Officials, Descendant Groups Discuss Plans for Uncovered Human

Middle America
Rochelle, Always Near by Rudy Padilla
The summer of Change – The Learning years - 1952 by Rudy Padilla
The Shawnee Trail

East Coast
Communication between Joe Sanchez and Rolando Salazar
La Exploración de Norteamerica, costo miles de vides de españoles y se
gastó mas de 1,000.000 de pesos
(1524) Esteban Gómez Llegó a Nova Scotia

Caribbean Region
Puerto Rico Chooses Statehood, Results of the Status Plebiscite
La Conquista De Cuba

Advanced Trainings for Rosenwald School Boards a Success
Book: Be Free or Die by Cate Lineberry

Taking Alcatraz - Film Screening and Panel held June 15
June 27th, 1874 -- Indian raiders strike again at Adobe Walls

Presentan libro: 'La Herencia Sefardi
Foundation for the Advancement of Sephardic Studies and Culture
Una destinasion desconosida by Yehuda Hatsvi

Oldest Homo Sapiens Fossils Every Found, 300,000 Years
50,000-year-old 'Atlantis of the South' discovered in Australia

Mexico is Home to DNA That's a World Apart
La Pesadilla de los Huracanes
Ancient Aztec temple and ball court discovered in Mexico City
Returning to Mexico: Mexicans once flocked to The Woodlands. Now,
they're leaving.
Cómo se entrenan los rarámuris para ganar carreras
Hermanas mayores del Señor General don Porfirio de la Cruz Dìaz Mori.
Don Bernardo Torralba

Central & South America
Temple mound of Huaca Prieta by Tom Dillehay
New LDS Indexing Projects on FamilySearch: June 2017 for Souh America

Why do Spaniards eat late? by Eddie AAA Calderón, Ph.D.
Comments on the word, Ojala
Aguinaldo y la Independencia de Filipinas
Militares celebrando el Día de Filipinas

El mexicanísimo traje de charro es de origen..... español naturalmente !
Caballería de Julian Sánchez "el charro"
El Imperio Romano de Oriente . . . A la Muerte de Justiniano 565
Pueblos de Asturias, España
Segóbriga, el tesoro romano que está en La Manch
Medinaceli Family.
Fact: The voyage of Charles Darwin occurred 260 years after this
remarkable expedition.
Ruy González de Clavijo

Southern Europe
The University of Salamanca is one of the first universities in the
world !...

Historia Antigua de Britania
Mixed heritage, Variations in DNA of modern Britons
¿De dónde vienen los turcos?


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