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Thanks to Daniel and Kathy Brecht

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By Peredo - Posted on 08 June 2017

Several days ago I tried to just say thanks a lot to Daniel Méndez Camino and Kathy Brecht for their job on Valladolid dispensas; for some glitch the message just didn't go into the cyberspace but here I go again, I'm really thankful because thanks to Daniel I finally found the origin of my 5th paternal grandparent, I'had waited for that for more than 10 years!!!
The mystery was finally solved by the dispensa gocen to my 5ths in the year 1748

Hi Peredo,

I'm very happy to hear that your found a dispensa that relates to your family! How exciting to find answers to questions you've had for so long. Like everything else in genealogy, I'm sure you now have 2 questions for every 1 question that's been answered. :-)

It's truly a team effort. We're off to a humble start, but, with the help of volunteers, we're making good progress. Your feedback makes our project all that much more worth it!!!

I encourage everyone to take a look at if you haven't already. Who knows, you might discover that some of your ancestors came from the Obispado de Michoacan! If you have any feedback and/or would like to help us with the indexing, please shoot us an email at


Daniel Serna Valencia

Hi Daniel!
Just as you say : in genealogy (as in other endeavors) finding one answer brings along more questions.

In my case the finding of the said dispensa certified one thing that years ago was contemplated as a posibility.

Thanks to that document I now know that I'm one of the descendants of Miguel de Peredo and Luisa Malacara y Sánchez Caballero.

This last couple are direct ancestors of our late friend Guillermo Tovar de Teresa and precisely Guillermo once told me that if not through this couple in the end it would be proved that we were cousins due to the Peredo line or through some other of the lastnames we shared.

Now I know that my 6th ggrandparent was also his 6th ggrandparent but...
Thai is a very peculiar 6th ggrandparent because I have him as " of unknown parents" which I informed Guillermo but he (as direct descendant) told me that he had executorias and some other documents about the ascendants of Don Miguel de Peredo.

So now I have a special Brick Wall because apparently the only documentation about Don Miguel de Peredo's ascendants is among Guillermo's legacy

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