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De La Paz y Cortez

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By Visitor - Posted on 13 May 2017

I have the marriage records of another pair of brothers married to another pair of sisters. The sisters are Catharina De la Paz y Cortez and Francisca De la Paz y Cortez. The brothers are Manuel Antonio Perez Franco de Paredes and Joseph Joachin Perez Franco de Paredes.

Manuel Antonio Perez Franco married Catharina de La Paz y Cortez, and Joseph Joachin Perez Franco married Francisca De La Paz y Cortez.

Both couples married on the same day, on the fifth of June in 1737. The brides are the daughters of Antonio De La Paz y Cortez and Antonia Frias de Ybarra.

The brother's father's surname is Perez Franco but I am unsure of the first name. Their mother is Gertrudis de Hermosillo.

Here is the link to the marriage records:

I believe that Antonio de La Paz y Cortez descends from the Geronima Benavides/Cortez and Paez (Paz) lines.

The brothers and the sisters are related through "tercer con quarto grado " so there should be a dispensation for both marriages.

Thank You,
Rick A. Ricci

the name I read on both records is D. Juan Perez Franco.

Having no working knowledge of this family but the connection to the Paz Cortes/Colunga that I was excited but overwhelmed with trying to find and enter this family into my tree. would you know how Juana de Torres Rivera y Paz Cortés abt 1595– married to Esteban Anso y Telles fits into the people you have posted or are they different.

Thanks, Simona

I thought that it was either Juan or Pedro. I went through my research files and discoverered that I have the husband of Gertudis Hermosillo is Pedro Perez Franco according to death records. That explains the tercer con quarto relationship. I would still like to find the dispensation to get more information on the De La Paz Cortez family.

Thanks Simona,
Rick A. Ricci

the following records all point to the same people you mentioned just that there are variations to their names

Don Ygnacio Peres De Paredes Married twice Catharina first wife
1715–Deceased • KHY5-5GR​
Catharina De La Paz y Cortes
–1743 • LRJG-F7B​
Marriage: 5 June 1737
Jalostotitlán, Jalisco, Mexico

The record does say juan. There is a Pedro, nephew to Juan that is married to women with the same name, Gertrudis de Hermosillo.

In my records, I already had the brothers listed as sons of Juan but had them using Perez de Paredes as the surname and did not have wives for them. I also already had their birthdates. All the pieces have fallen in place except we still need the letters of dispensation to show the ancestry of the De la Paz Cortez ancestors since they were related "tercer con Quarto grado." Since they both couples were married in the middle of the year, 5/June1737, it is most likely that the dispensation was also given in that same year, 1737. These two dispensations most likely will be a big puzzle piece that will connect the De la Paz family members to the Hermosillos and Benavides-Cortez families.

Antonia frias de Ybarra may be Arias de Ybarra. What do you think, Frias or Arias?


Rick A. Ricci

I was raising questions that had already been answered before.

Steven F. Hernandez Lopez provides a letter that Jaime Holcombe wrote shows the the connection of the De La Paz y Cortez sisters to the De la Paz benavides Cortez clan.

Here is the link :

The letter identifies the sister as grand daughters of Tomas Paz (Paez) and Francisca Torres (Lomelin) through their son Antonio de la Paz y Cortés y Lomelín and his wife, Antonia Arias de Ibarra.

There are multiple relationships between Tomas Paez (De la Paz y Cortez) and Francisca Torres y Lomelin, and between the sisters and their husbands thought the Hermosillo lines.

Tronco: Jerónimo de Benavides and Catalina Cortés

María Benavides------------------------ 1st-------------- Jerónima Benavides
md. Carlos Lomelín md. 1) Nicolás (Paez) de la Paz y Cortés

Domingo Lomelín---------------------- 2nd------------- Francisco (Paez) de la Paz y Cortés
md. Juana de Mendoza md. Francisca Sánchez Carranza

[Joseph de Lomelín]----------------------- 3rd---------- Thomas de Páez, the groom
[+Micaela de Hermosillo]

Francisca Torres, the bride--------------- 4th


This is the second tree:

Tronco: Juan González de Hermosillo and María Muñoz

Juan González de Hermosillo--------- 1st-------------- Francisco Muñoz Cabessa
had an illegitimate daughter md. Francisca de Torres
an Indian from Tonallán (Tonalá)

Ana Muñoz (mestiza)------------------ 2nd------------- Micaela de Hermosillo
md. Diego Sánchez Carranza md Joseph de Lomelín

Francisca Sánchez Carranza----------- 3rd------------- Francisca Torres, the bride
[+Francisco de Páez]

Thomas de Páez, the groom ----------- 4th

Thomas de Paez (Paz) y Cortez and Francisca Torres are the parents Antonio de la Paz y Cortés y Lomelín who is married to Antonia Arias de Ibarra.


Rick A. Ricci

Dear Simona

The Torres de Rivera y Paz Cortez family is discussed in this previous link:

Thanks for your help,
Rick A. Ricci

Hello Rick,

I just noticed your post on my Benavides thread, but I am answering on your newer thread. As you pointed out, Holcombe already solved the puzzle, so I do not have much more to add.

However, given my recent research and reconstruction of the early Benavides generations, the trunk for this tree would now be known to be Catalina Cortez (II) (wife of N.N., and daughter of Geronimo de Benavides and Catalina Cortez (I)). So the updated tree would look like this:

Parents of Tronco: Jeronimo de Benavides and Catalina Cortez (I)

Tronco: Catalina Cortez (II) de Benavides and N.N.

Maria Benavides---------------1st------- Jeronima Benavides
md. Carlos Lomelin----------------------md. Nicolas (Paez) de la Paz y Cortez

Domingo Lomelin---------------2nd------- Francisco (Paez) de la Paz y Cortez
md. Juana de Mendoza-----------------------md. Francisca Sanchez Carranza

[Joseph de Lomelin]-----------3rd-------- Thomas de Paez, the groom
[+Micaela de Hermosillo]

Francisca Torres, the bride----4th-------


Thank you David for correcting the line. Do you have more information on the De la Paz family? My wife has some De la Paz ancestry but I haven't gone this far on her line. Are you sure that Nicolas has Cortez in his surname, or does the Cortez come from his mother in law Catalina Cortez? If Nicolas does have Cortez then does this mean that it may be clue that Nicolas is somehow related to his mother in law, Catalina Cortez de Benavides?

Thanks again,
Rick A. Ricci

Is there a primary source document including at least one parent of Francisco de la Paz? I have no names between Catalina Cortes (II) and Francisco de la Paz from a primary source.

Here is a dispensa including Gertrudis Hermosillo and her son Joseph Perez Franco. Unforunantly it add no new additional info

does anyone have the ancestry of Nicolas Paz de Cortez? Can a connection be made to Hernan Cortez's aunt?

Thank you,
Rick A. Ricci

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