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Does anyone have a conncection to Juan Esteban Esparza and/or Gregorio Antonio Esparza, Amatlan de Canas 1700's?

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By Edesparza81 - Posted on 21 April 2017

Hi. I'm stuck and need some help. Looking for birth record for Juan Esteban (or Estevan) Esparza born in Amatalan De Canas around 1767. His Father is Gregorio Antonia Esparza mother is Marian Lopez de Aguilar. I have Esteban marriage record to Maria Luciana Preciado in 1791 in cocula jalisco. In it, it says he is 24 so I can assume he was born in 1767. I can't find any other record to confirm age and birth place. He has a brother Joseph Raphael de la cruz Esparza born 1768 born in Amatlan, and a sister Maria Joespha esparza, born 1783 in cocula. I have the brother and sister record, but can't find the one for Juan esteban, even though it should be in the same book.

Record for the Brother.

Here is the Marriage record for Juan.

Its the last entry bottom right and goes for the next couple pages.
If anyone has any connection or tips that would be helpful let me know. Thanks!!


I am descended from Juan Esteban de Esparza and María Luciana Preciado through their daughter María Teodora Trinidad, who was born in the Cocula area in 1798. It seems that "Barbosa" was also part of the family name since Gregorio and Esteban appear as "Gregorio Barbosa" and "Esteban Barbosa" in some records. I found the marriage record of Esteban's parents, Gregorio Antonio de Esparza Barbosa and Mariana López; they were married in Amatlán in July 1758. Here's the link:

Their firstborn, Ana Ignacia, was born in 1759 and christened "Anna Ygnacia Barbosa Lopes." I haven't found Esteban's baptism record yet, but these other records might give us clues to find it.

I can't believe this info has been sitting here for 6 months. I've been stuck on him for 2 years now and been banging my head for a while now. You're the first person I've found that is related that is also doing research. Don't know how far we are removed by now, but still. What's even more crazy is that you are from Modesto. I was born in Hollister and lived in Los Banos from 1990-2003. My parents and sister are still there. I spent a lot of time in Modesto, specifically cruising Mchenry and going to Rock and bowl in may late teens. Small world.

Curious as to how you found the info on the last name? and what other info you have? You say you came from Estabans daughter Maria Teodora Trinidad. The only 2 daughters I have for them is Maria Ysabel Esparza (1794) and Juana Maria Sebastiana Esparza (1797). And 2 sons Jose Antonio Sebastian Esparza (1792) and Jose Francisco Esparza (1802). I come from the Jose Francisco Line. I'm open to sharing notes and adding your branch to my tree and vice versa.


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