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San Isidro, Apozol, Zacatecas

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By allipeacock - Posted on 09 April 2017

I recently found the primary family I'm researching in Jalisco had moved over to "San Isidro, Apozol, Zacatecas" by the 1930 census. When I Google this, I keep getting a place called "Los Llamas."

Does anyone know anything of this rancho - San Isidro, Apozol? Does anyone have any contacts in that area?

I'm hitting a wall with death records, marriages. Several of the family members eventually went back to Villa Guerrero/Totatiche to marry, but I have some holes for that period between 1930 and 1950. One of the daughters and Magdalena, the mother, died later in Guadalajara.

I'd really like to get more recent than 1930, too. Here is the family.

Gumesindo Serrano, 55
Madalena Rios, 35
Ricardo Serrano, 15
Feliz Serrano, 12
Fransisco Serrano,10
Olibia Serrano, 6
Elena Serrano, 4

Gumersindo is the son of Jose Felix Serrano and the family traces back to Tlaltenango de Sanchez Roman for generations.

Is any of this familiar to anyone?

Thanks! has indexed Mexican civil records. Birth records are indexed to the mid-1940s, marriage records somewhat later, similarly for death records. This will vary by locality, but may help you to get more recent.

The best way to start is to go to the catalog, and search for the state of interest. Births, marriages, and deaths are all separate files.

If you don't find anything, you should do a general birth-marriage-death search. This may lead you to a different state. The quality and completeness of the civil records varies by location. can be searched for free at many public libraries, as well as any Family History Center.

Thanks for the response. I have the international Ancestry membership and when I mentioned "hit a wall" it was because I had yielded nothing past 1930 on days of searching. This led me to want to know more about this rancho and what was happening during that era.

I'll keep digging. It'll turn up!

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