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By j.lucio - Posted on 05 April 2017

i am praying that there is someone that can shed some light, my wife is 38 years old was never told who her father was, until recent being at 38 years old heart breaking, the infomation she obtain is his name is Jilberto Nolasco was in a reationship in Iraprato Guanajuato back in 1977 he work as a supervisor at DF federal carrilio for the people, he has a son around 13-14 years of age arounf the year 1978 i have been serching for him not sure if the first name is spelled correctly but i would like to make contact with sibblings on behalf of my wife or even if someone can direct me to research the artchve for the df carrill in guanajuato. thank you and please help me to have my wife reunite her with her family as she is hurt for all the years that have past and noit knowing who her dad was please help to bring this to a closure for her thank you and god bless

Hola Lucio:

Es difícil investigar el paradero de la persona que buscas. En primer lugar el nombre correcto podría ser Gilberto, la palabra "carrilio" no la entiendo. Falta el segundo apellido, la edad de la persona...

Hay un Gilberto Nolasco en Linkedin que es un gerente en el estado de México, intenta conseguir más información.



muchisimo gracias

This isn't the place for that type of search. "This group is for serious genealogists actively searching for lineages in the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas and Aguascalientes of Mexico."

Get a DNA test on family tree dna- you never know you may find relatives. Also there is facebook page called DNA Detectives. There are volunteers that help with this sort of project. They do help people find relatives. Rick is right, this page is more for serious genealogy. Also, I'm afraid that any records online may not help you find him today however, it can give you clues. Try Family Search its free.
Perhaps, others have more recommendations.

Good luck,
Pauline (Maven200)

Do a google search for "finding missing family members." This will bring up a number of websites that offer suggestions, as well as organizations that can provide a service.

The usual genealogical sources are probably not helpful as information on living people is usually not available due to privacy concerns.

There is a TV reality series called Long Lost Family that presents case histories in their weekly program. This may give you some insight.

These sources are for US cases, Mexico is likely different.

Best of luck.

yes i know that as i have been searching for several years on my family did not see the hurt to put it out there if someone is wanting to find thier biological father i am sure you would have done the same, i was hoping with all the research going on including myself that MAYBE someone may have come accross information sorry if this has stricked you a bit sour my appologizes

thank you for the tip

Mr. Lucio,
I would have done the same given the need to search for a parent lost. No Avenue or path would have been to great a walk. With that said, hopefully those among us that have given you their advice have help you along even though this was not the forum you can now cross it off your list and search it those given if not already searched. I do hope you are successful in finding your wife's father. Best of luck!

Your big thread in your research is "Irapuato Guanajuato back in 1977 he work as a supervisor at DF federal carrilio." Someone would have to ask many questions in Irapuato to track down a list of supervisors. It is going to be easier to track down a supervisor as records with his information were most likely kept and not thrown away. I have two uncles that worked for the railroads in Mexico, but in other states, one in management and the other an engineer. Both of them are retired and receiving a pension so maybe pension records may be a place to look. The place to start looking and asking questions is in Irapuato.


While I sympathize with someone looking for a loved one, I don't think it's appropriate to use genealogy DNA tests to find broken relationships. Finding previously unknown relatives is different than searching for someone that doesn't want to be found. My genealogy research has been hindered by family members that fear their information will be used for purposes outside of confirming our research. My best friend is adopted and has wondered about her biological family her entire life. It was suggested she get a genealogy DNA test when it became available. She discussed it with me and before I put in my 2 cents, she said she didn't want to deceive anyone who wasn't expecting this as a possible use of the results. I think it's best we use the information for it's intended purpose.

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