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Vasquez de Mercado: Cuquio, Tepatitlan, Nochistlan, and Fresnillo 1600's

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By 245luigi - Posted on 31 March 2017

Rick responded to a post I had made in another part of the Forum; however, to prevent that post from going off topic I decided to make its own.

Rick's slightly edited post:

"Please provide more information if you want help on Juan Vasquez de Mercado and Ynes Rangel de Acuña. Who are their kids? What years are they likely to be alive? Where did they reside? Did they move around a lot or did they mainly stay in one or two places? Who were their padrinos in their kids baptisms? Do you have any specific information on them?

There were different lines of descent that carried the Mercado Vasquez surname. There are Vasquez de Mercado or Mercado de Vasquez throughout Mexico.

One of them was started when with Juan de la Cueva del Mercado, Señor de la Casa de la Cueva de Úbeda y doña Leonor de San Martín Vázquez de Acuña. They had a son named Juan de la Cueva Mercado Vasquez.

From Spain to Fresnillo, Zacatecas. mexico

A second line of Mercado Vasquez, or Vasquez de Mercado line originated with Lic. Ginés de Mercado y Inés Vázquez.

They had a son named Gines de Mercado y Vasquez. This line of descent is the one that the Vasquez de Mercado from Fresnillo, Zacatecas, descend from.

1). Lic. Ginés de Mercado ) y Inés Vázquez,

2). Capitán Ginés Vázquez de Mercado (b. in Talavera, Spain, d. 1553, Juchipila) and Ana Vázquez de Tapia (d. Before husband as he is a widower in his later years) ), Ginés and his wife Ana were cousins.

They had one son and three daughters.

Your Juan Vasquez de Mercado that is married to Ynes Rangel de Acuña is most likely a descendant of one of these four siblings."


I am direct male descendant of Juan Vasquez de Mercado and Ines Rangel de Acuna. I have taken a Y-DNA test if that will help at all.

Juan Vasquez de Mercado (I have seen him referred to using first name Bacilio and Onofre; however, this is in dispensas many years later) and Ines Rangel de Acuna had at least 5 children:

1. Juan Vasquez de Mercado m. 19 Feb 1703 Tepatitlan to Maria de Alva Navarro
2. Antonio Vasquez de Mercado m. 29 Jun 1704 Cuquio to Maria Plascencia Maldonado
3. Rosa Vasquez de Mercado m. NN probably to a Gutierrez
4. Maria Vasquez de Mercado m. to Juan Plascencia Maldonado
5. Domingo Vasquez de Mercado m. to Teresa Plascencia Maldonado

I determined the parents to these siblings via the marriage record for Juan Vasquez de Mercado and Maria de Alva Navarro.

The record states that Juan, the younger, was from Fresnillo. It also states by this time, his father, Juan, had passed away. Unfortunately there are no records on FamilySearch for Fresnillo during the time period in which my ancestor lived so I've got myself a nice brick wall.

I have never seen Juan or Ines on any other record. Based on the aforementioned marriage record I assume they came from Fresnillo. Several of their children left that area and came to Cuquio, Tepatitlan and Nochistlan for unknown reasons.

I am following their conversation about the Basques Mercado since I have ancestors with the same last name but I have not been able to place them among the information you have provided on this post.

I am including below the information of the Basques Mercado I have in my family tree in case it helps in any way with your research, or if there is any information you might have about them I would appreciate anything you could share.

A) Juan Basques Mercado (birth before 1725 – died 12/April/1762 in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco) married to Anna Contreras. (I don’t know who their ancestors are)

They had 3 kids that I am aware of, listed below- The marriage certificate of each kid states that they were originally from the City of Zacatecas and that they moved to Jalostotitlan around 1749 or 1750):

1) Maria Guadalupe Basques Mercado (born before 1738) married on 11/Jan/1753 in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco to Joseph Sanches (Son of Manuel Sanches and Theresa de Saavedra)
Witnesses: Pedro Gomez, Joseph Gomez, Joseph Placencia
Godparents: Joseph Gonzalez, Anna Munoz

2) Joaquin Basques Mercado (born before 1739) married on 03/Feb/1754 in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco to Anna Xaviera de Mendoza (widow de Guillermo Flores)
Witnesses: Miguel Perez, Joseph Antonio Placencia, Jacinto Casimiro
Godparents: Diego de la Mora, Ignes Mercado

3) Jose Ramon Basques Mercado (born before 1740) married on 22/Nov/1756 in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco to Maria Silveria Alvarez de la Cruz (daughter of Juan Manuel Alvarez de la Cruz and Feliciana de Anda). I descended from this couple.
Witnesses: Joseph Placencia, Joaquin Mercado, Julian Jimenez
Godparents: Joseph Antonio Mercado, Maria Guadalupe Mercado

Another ancestor of this last name is:
B) Maria Mercado (b. 1700-30/Aug/1735 in Nochistlan, Zacatecas) married on 15/Feb/1722 in Nochistlan to Nicolas de Loza Hermosillo born 29/Sep/1699 in Jalostotitlan (son of Joseph de Loza and Josefa de Hermosillo)
As per some online websites, this Maria Mercado is listed as the daughter of Juan Bacilio Onofre Basques de Mercado and Ynes Rangel de Acuna but I have not seen any documentation for this yet.

This couple had at least the following kids:
1) Estefana Maria Loza Mercado 19/Jan/1724 (Godparents: Christobal Mercado)
2) Juana Loza Mercado 15/June/1725 (Godparents: Joseph Mercado and Epifania? Sandoval)
3) Joseph Patricio Loza Mercado 30/Mar/1727 (Godparents: Juan Mercado and Angela de Torres)
4) Jose Isidro Loza Mercado 23/May/1728 (Godparents: Cayetano Rodriguez and Catharina de Sandoval)
5) Vicente Loza about 1729
6) Pablo Antonio Loza (b between 1730-1735)
7) Maria Leonor Loza (b between 1730-1735)


Just to add more info to the mix, the 1648 padron of Fresnillo has a Beatriz de Acuna viuda probably living next to a Sebastian Mercado cc Maria Bernal? Beatriz has someone living in her home using the surname Rangel as well

Rick, in your string of notes you mention:

5) Joseph Vasquez de Mercado y Moscoso Sandoval (bap.9/May/1694)

Do you have any more information on him? I'm trying to determine if there's a link to my tree and I'm particularly interested in who he may have married.



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