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Vasquez de Mercado: Cuquio, Tepatitlan, Nochistlan, and Fresnillo 1600's

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By 245luigi - Posted on 31 March 2017

Rick responded to a post I had made in another part of the Forum; however, to prevent that post from going off topic I decided to make its own.

Rick's slightly edited post:

"Please provide more information if you want help on Juan Vasquez de Mercado and Ynes Rangel de Acuña. Who are their kids? What years are they likely to be alive? Where did they reside? Did they move around a lot or did they mainly stay in one or two places? Who were their padrinos in their kids baptisms? Do you have any specific information on them?

There were different lines of descent that carried the Mercado Vasquez surname. There are Vasquez de Mercado or Mercado de Vasquez throughout Mexico.

One of them was started when with Juan de la Cueva del Mercado, Señor de la Casa de la Cueva de Úbeda y doña Leonor de San Martín Vázquez de Acuña. They had a son named Juan de la Cueva Mercado Vasquez.

From Spain to Fresnillo, Zacatecas. mexico

A second line of Mercado Vasquez, or Vasquez de Mercado line originated with Lic. Ginés de Mercado y Inés Vázquez.

They had a son named Gines de Mercado y Vasquez. This line of descent is the one that the Vasquez de Mercado from Fresnillo, Zacatecas, descend from.

1). Lic. Ginés de Mercado ) y Inés Vázquez,

2). Capitán Ginés Vázquez de Mercado (b. in Talavera, Spain, d. 1553, Juchipila) and Ana Vázquez de Tapia (d. Before husband as he is a widower in his later years) ), Ginés and his wife Ana were cousins.

They had one son and three daughters.

Your Juan Vasquez de Mercado that is married to Ynes Rangel de Acuña is most likely a descendant of one of these four siblings."


I am direct male descendant of Juan Vasquez de Mercado and Ines Rangel de Acuna. I have taken a Y-DNA test if that will help at all.

Juan Vasquez de Mercado (I have seen him referred to using first name Bacilio and Onofre; however, this is in dispensas many years later) and Ines Rangel de Acuna had at least 5 children:

1. Juan Vasquez de Mercado m. 19 Feb 1703 Tepatitlan to Maria de Alva Navarro
2. Antonio Vasquez de Mercado m. 29 Jun 1704 Cuquio to Maria Plascencia Maldonado
3. Rosa Vasquez de Mercado m. NN probably to a Gutierrez
4. Maria Vasquez de Mercado m. to Juan Plascencia Maldonado
5. Domingo Vasquez de Mercado m. to Teresa Plascencia Maldonado

I determined the parents to these siblings via the marriage record for Juan Vasquez de Mercado and Maria de Alva Navarro.

The record states that Juan, the younger, was from Fresnillo. It also states by this time, his father, Juan, had passed away. Unfortunately there are no records on FamilySearch for Fresnillo during the time period in which my ancestor lived so I've got myself a nice brick wall.

I have never seen Juan or Ines on any other record. Based on the aforementioned marriage record I assume they came from Fresnillo. Several of their children left that area and came to Cuquio, Tepatitlan and Nochistlan for unknown reasons.


I have seen your updates. I will be able to respond later tonight when I can sit down and go through the info you have provided. Thank you for keeping me in the loop with your research!



I feel fortunate to find a document dated 1624 that identifies Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado's father. There are still two issues.

The first issue is confirming that Juan Vasquez de Mercado married to Ynes Rangel Acuña is the same as juan Vasz de Mercado y Moscoso Sandoval.

He second is that wo different parents are given for Sebastian's mother by two genealogists. There is even a third line given by someone here on nuestrosranchos. Both of the genealogies are possible if you look at certain dates, one seems to be more probable than the other. Both of these genealogists have done much work on genealogies specifically to Zacatecas. We may want to continue the discussion offline in order to not confuse the issue even more.



We have the same data regarding the families of Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado (Leonor Gonzalez) and Nicolas Vasquez de Mercado (Pascuala Jiminez) so we are on the same page. Both were from Zacatecas which is a lot closer to Fresnillo than Tepatitlan, Cuquio, and Nochistlan so this may be the trail!

I'm glad that you have been able to connect Sebastian to Gines, that is a very very interesting connection! I'm also very glad that this thread has caused you to go further back on your tree! Congrats!

I don't believe that Juan Vasquez de Mercado, son of Cristobal and Petrona Moscoso y Sandoval is my guy however. He was baptized in 1675.

Antonio Vasquez de Mercado (Maria Plascencia) gave his age as 48 in 1731 placing his birth in 1683. See below and the next page:

That would imply Juan Vasquez de Mercado (Ines Rangel de Acuna) would have been born at at the latest 1667.

Domingo Vasquez de Mercado (Teresa Plascencia) also had his first child, Miguel, in 1698, baptized in Nochistlan. That would place Domingo's birth at 1683 at the latest and Juan Vasquez de Mercado's birth (Ines Rangel de Acuna) at 1668 at the latest.



Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado did not use his father's surname, Carillo, and he was the only one from his immediate family to use the surname Vasquez de Mercado amongst the men. The Vasquez de Mercado surname comes from his mother. Nicolas Is most likely older brother of Cristobal Antto. Vasquez de Mercado. So we are still left to wonder who are Juan's parents. But from the Pieces of the puzzle that I possess, Sebastian is either the father or grandfather. Most likely a grandfather. Sebastian is the end of the line for the males with this surname in Fresnillo. Gines 's son Bernardino inherits the family fortune and raises his family in Mexico City.

Gines's daughters inherit the less valuable property in Fresnillo which at one time was well kept up. By the time my ancestor writes her testament the property can use some fixing to restore to its original condition.

Genealogist Bernardo del Hoyo Calzada. states that Pedro Carillo's wife is Maria Mercado de Vasquez, daughter of Capitan Gines Vasquez de Mercado, and this is the line that makes the most sense when taking in all the information and the timelines. Others place his wife as an illegitimate daughter of Bernardo Vasquez de Tapia and his sister in law but this line is doubtful. In both cases she descends from Conquistador Bernadino Vasquez de Tapia. But one line bypasses Capitan Gines Vasquez del Mercado.

The reason that people mix up the lines is that there is marriage between very close relatives. Capitan Gines Vasquez de Mercado's wife is his first cousin. Licienciado Gines Vasquez de Mercado's sister is married to Bernardino Vasquez de Tapia. To top it off, Bernardino is related to Licienciado Gines Vasquez de Mercado's wife, Ines Vasquez. What happens is that people got confused as to how they are related and then screwed up the line. So Bernardo Vasquez de Tapia states that his daughter is married to Gines Vasquez de Mercado and that Gines comes from an honorable family. What he forgets to mention in this statement is how close his daughter is related to her husband since Bernardo is his uncle, besides his father-in-law. We know that Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado is the son of Pedro Carillo D'Avila (senior). If it is correct that his mother is a daughter of Capitan Gines Vazquez de Mercado then Conquistador Bernardo Vasquez de Tapia is her maternal grandfather and great uncle, and she is not his illegitimate daughter as some genealogists claim.

Genealogist Bernardo del Hoyo Calzada provided clues that I was able to jump on to get the 1624 document that clearly states the name of Sebastian Vasqquez de Mercado's father. What makes this record important is that Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado is still alive at this time.

I believe that Nicolas Vasquez de Mercado may be a son of Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado since the rest of the male siblings used Carillo as the surname.

This family has interesting connections as a niece married Hernan Cortez's son, and another family member married into the Jewish Cadena family (treasurer).

I descend from the Vasquez de Mercado line through my Reynoso-Renteria line that is mainly in Jalostotitlan, Jalisco.

The descent that people have passed down in history was that they descended from Gines Mercado, but what was most important was not descent from Capitan Gines Vasquez Mercado, but from his father el Licienciado Gines Mercado, a very famous medical doctor in Castilla.

Thanks again!

Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado, son of Pedro Carillo D'avila and Maria Vassque de Mercad, takes in and raises a baby girl that s left on his "" doorstep". It is assumed that this baby girl is Sebastian's born out of wedlock. "Expuesta" is the word used. The Baby is Named Juana Vasquez de Mercado and when she Is of age, she marries a cousin. When she is married, it is acknowledged that she is family and not just adopted.

Rick A. Ricci


What you have found is some very interesting information. At this moment I do not descend from Sebastian but if a link can be found, then the connection would be made to Gines. That would be quite cool!


Dear Alex,

I don't descend from Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado. i descend from his niece who mentions him in her will. She authorizes payment of her debt to him. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have dug deeper and found out so much information on this family. I believe that the next step in finding your ancestry is to find a will or some document naming Sebastian's children. Since my ancestor owed him money, and he was a Capitan, he most likely left some documentation of his assets and children so eventually it will turn up if we keep searching.

Thanks again,

Rick A. Ricci

Ha! Now searching I can do! Rick, where are you locating wills?



I can't take credit for finding the will. Another genealogist, Salvador Cabral Valdes, is the researcher that published her will. He did not find it. He wrote that the original discoverer of the will was Guillermo Tovar de Teresa, and that he had provided a copy to genealogists Bernardo del Hoyo Calzada and Leonardo de la Torre y Berumen. He states that Leonardo de la Torre y Berumen passed on a copy to him.

Genealogist Bernardo del Hoyo Calzada provides the information that the descent is through Capitan Gines Vasquez de Mercado. I agree with him.

Salvador Cabral Valdes presents the line that skips the generation that includes Capitan Gines Vasquez de Mercado.

I am a descendant of Capitan Sancho de Renteria and Agueda del Rio through my Reynoso-Renteria line that left many descendants in Jalostotitlan and throughout Los Altos de Jalisco. Agueda del Rio wrote "soy hija legítima de Mateo del Río de la Loza y de doña Ana Vázquez de Mercado y Tapia". The Vasquez de Mercado comes from Capitan Gines Vasquez de Mercado, the Tapia from Gines's wife, the daughter of Bernardo Vasquez de Tapia.

The will is dated "20 días del mes de abril de mil y seiscientos y sesenta y cinco años." The will names Sebastian V. de Mercado but does not state how they are related. I found the relationship in another document dated 1642.

She named him here " Y también mando se le paguen a Sebastián de Mercado lo que pareciere por libro de cuenta que le debo".

Thanks again,

Ahh Rick I see. I wonder where these other genealogists are finding wills. It must be at the local archive rather than sources available online.

Here is a dispensa I have including a Sebastian Vasquez de Mercado son of Ana Vasquez de Mercado. Hopefully it may be of some use:

Tree is on image 90

Also check out dispensas 128 and 132 in the Sagrada Mitra Dispensa book

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