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By Raramosa - Posted on 20 March 2017

This is not really an even or announcement, but I was just wondering if the admins knew of a way to code a search function in this site.

For example, I am sure several questions I would like to ask have been asked before, but I am not likely going to read past 20 or so pages of forum topics. Does anyone have the code for the webpage who might be able to put in that function?




This might help you.

I use Google to search Nuestros Ranchos for me.

In the Google search field I type in my keywords or questions and then I add the following so that Google only searches the Nuestros Ranchos website.

Example: lomeli lines

The search results should all be from Nuestros Ranchos and they should all include lomeli and lines in them.

It's not a perfect system and it may take some practice, but it should save you time.

I hope this helps.

G Alvarez

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