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Missing the boat

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By apozolco - Posted on 08 February 2017

Hello fellow members,

I missed the boat on PAF format being discontinued. All my information is in that format. Anyone have any suggestions on safely converting to GEDCOM? I hesitate because I don't want to lose my info. We are talking about 5 years of going through un-indexed records. Any suggestion would be helpful.

Thanks in advance,


PAF will run on Windows 10. Charting Companion reads the PAF file and can generate charts and reports. Roots Magic Essentials is a free download that lets you try out Roots Magic before buying it.

Roots Magic will incorporate the Windows PAF file directly. The Apple MAc version needs to be converted; use the FR convert program (part of the Mac PAF package).

PAF can export your data as a gedcom file, at which point it can be imported into any number of other genealogy programs. Ancestral Quest and Legacy are a couple of options.

There are some online database programs.One I like, Geneanet, has both a free and paid version. The reporting functions are quite good. You can import a gedcom.

The Family History Centers will have one or more genealogy programs that you can try out.

George Fulton

Thank you!!

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