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By arturdeleon - Posted on 07 February 2017

Need some advice, I had my DNA through AncestryDNA, since then I have accumulated a serious list of Extremely HIGH, Very HIGH and HIGH, and GOOD and Moderate. My problem whenever I contact the DNA MEMBER(S), I get a negative response or none at all, even when our trees reveal common ancestors. My tree is PUBLIC, which is easily accessible. I have notice several have their tree listed as private, or listed NO TREE in their DNA MATCH results, but, not all are PRIVATE, so I am able to access their tree and review it. Question? Is there another DNA testing entity that facilitate easier confirmation
of relation so that I or other can connect the dots, before our expiration date? I am
75 and I would love to get my tree to a respectable level. In particular my father's
lineage. What I have discovered is that we are practically related with the majority of
the founders and Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes surname. My father is another matter.
Thank you in advance. Arturo de Leon Garcia

Have you tried www.gedmatch.com?



No, I have not. I'll check it out later, but exactly what does it do, is there a
DNA test applicable to gedmatch?

You upload your autosomal DNA results and you can explore your matches. It's anectdotal but I just found a group made up of a father and his two daughters who descend from my GGgrandfather. I think it could help you.



GEDmatch.com accepts results from a few other testing sites, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, etc.
Therefore, you'll find additional matches not necessarily found on AncestryDNA.

There are some useful tools provided that will allow you to different types of matches.

Best of all...it's free.

p.s. Yes, it is so anoying that people don't respond.

O.K., I guess you mean, that first I upload my AncestryDna to my harddrive, afterwards
upload the file(s) to GEDmatch? I am somewhat familiar with computer, not the brightest bulb in the field of IT, that is why, I asked. my generation is the one above the Baby boomers, late comers, to the world of digital/computer era.

yeah you first download your ancestrydna results, then upload them to gedmatch

Thanks, I'll give a try.

I too would like to learn how to load my DNA test results from both ancestry.com and 23andMe. Is it possible to get a step-by-step list?

Thank you!

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My children's paternal line is mostly from Aguascalientes, especially Asientos. They are represented by the FTDNA account for Tobey Bernal. His DNA has also been uploaded to GedMatch, with the ID T228105, for comparison. I have a tree at Ancestry.com, but it's a bit old. I have to upload another. I have made some discoveries in the past couple of days, and it looks like my children descend from Lope Ruiz de Esparza b. 1569 (12th great-grandfather of Tobey). I would appreciate if anyone with ancestors from Aguascalientes could compare DNA and get back to me. I manage Tobey's accounts. I am happy to share my tree.

Thank you!
Joan King (jking2000 on Ancestry)

Lope Ruiz de Esparza is the brother of my 10th great grandfather Francisco Ruiz de Esparza, both being sons of Lope Ruiz, born abt 1540. My GEDmatch no. is T771275. However, 10-12 generations back will not produce an estimated relationship on GEDmatch.
Roy Rodriguez

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