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Pedro de Anda I and Isabel Gutierres de Altamirano

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By maven200 - Posted on 04 February 2017

Hola Primos.
I am having a hard time on my Anda Altamirano line. I had to walk away from it 2 months ago as it was frustrating to me as there are many similar names- Pedro, Esteban, Juan, Luis, Fernando etc., many have different alias and it’s been difficult to find documentation of parents for some. I have spent countless hours reading over NR threads, reading various books, searching documents etc. and I cannot confirm who the parents of Isabel Gutierres de Altamirano (1535-?) are?

I would be most appreciative if anyone has any info to help me.
Here are my ancestors:

Pedro de Anda I (1530-1619) and most notably, Isabel Gutierres de Altamirano (1535-?)
These are their descendants, my ancestors:
Tire son:
Pedro de Anda Altamirano II (1551-1619)-Beatriz González de Castañeda (1556-1573)
Thier son:
Capitán Juan de Anda Altamirano (1595-1632) Married Juana Ruiz de Nava (1593-1667. She is the daughter of Maria lopez de Nava and Alonso Lorenzo Guerra)

Their son:
Juan de Anda Altamirano (1627-1683). He married Isabel Martinez de Alarcon Rubacalva (1635-¿) She is the daughter of Josefa Bautista Ruvacalba and Miguel Martinez de Alarcon.

Their daughter:
Maria de Anda Altamirano (1662-1715) Married Diego Miramontes Ortiz (1658-1715)

Mil Gracias,
Pauline (maven200)


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