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Juan Colunga and Isabel Mendez

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By dcalonso - Posted on 30 January 2017

Hello Nuestros Ranchos Forum,

Im looking for the parents of my ancestors Juan Colunga an Isabel Mendez
probly from Valle de San Francisco, San Luis Potosí where their children
married. i think they were born around 1680 or maybe a little earlier. im
hoping someone else in the group descends from them or has information on
them. thank you

Danny C. Alonso

Thank you Chris this is great. thank you for putting it all together for me.

Danny C. Alonso

Hola Danny:

Encontré en línea un libro llamad "Breve historia de Aguascalientes" de Beatriz Rojas y otros:
en el que se menciona que Juan de Colunga era propietario de un obraje (textil) en la ciudad de Aguascalientes.

Respecto del libro de los partidos y padrones del obispado de Michoacán está en Family History Library 972.37k, hay una versión de googlebooks pero no incluye la parte de San Luis Potosí.



I have looked for this family in previous chats on NRanchos. and did not find anything on them, but lots of other good stuff. I have looked in familysearch and still I did not find anything. I did put together from the information given the family of Lic. Diego Torres Ribera on Familysearch, but I still did not get any matches. Is there a book/books on this family since there were antiguo vecinos de D.F? Also Danny or anyone else do you know the parents of Juan Colunga Cortez?

Thanks for all the help. I only think of the name Colunga as the name of the Mexican Actor Fernando Colunga.

Buscado a la Famila Torres Rivera en NuestrosRanchos y no encontre informacion. Tambien nada en Familysearch donde los datos de la informacion los entre, pero nada. Hay libro/libros donde se menciona esta antigua familia de D.F. Y alguin sabe de los pades de Juan colunga Cortez? (Todavia no llega me copia de partidas y padrones de Michoacan).

Hola Simone:

Al parecer el apellido Colunga es gallego y una rama muy grande pasó a las Islas Canarias y luego a Cuba. Así que es un poco difícil seguir el rastro ya que hay pocos datos tanto de las Islas Canarias como de Cuba.



Marcelina and Simona

i think the information came from one of these documents related to Diego
de Torres y Rivera. i tried to read them but cant. maybe one of you can
read it and tell us what it says. theres two links and after you click on
it click on ver imagenes. one of the documents is two pages and the other
is fourteen pages.

Informaciones de oficio y parte: Diego de Torres Rivera, beneficiado de
Aguas Calientes, vecino de Aguas Calientes. Con parecer:

Relación de méritos y servicios del bachiller Diego de Torres Rivera,
natural de Zacatecas, cura beneficiado de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción de
Aguas Calientes y vicario, juez eclesiástico y comisario de la Santa

Danny C. Alonso


Gracias Marcelina por su respuesta que siempre es muy informativo.

Danny thanks, I will try my best to read what I can and share what I can decipher. I opened the first page of 14 and saw that about the 3rd paragraph it states his parents Jhoan de Torres y Maria de Pas.


These are my ancestors, thru my great grandmother, Da. Sara de Camino y Vázquez García-Rojas. D. José Antonio de Chávez Fragoso y Rivas married Da. Dolores de Coluna Cortés y Meléndez on 12 Feb 1748 in Villa de Reyes, SLP. He was the son of D. Alejandro de Chávez Fragoso y Da. Paula de Rivas Lozano and D. José de Colunga Cortés and Da. Francisca Meléndez, respectively.

D. Dolores de Colunga Cortés was baptized on 13 Apr 1731 in Villa de Reyes where her parents married on 15 Aug 1730. D. José de Colunga was baptized 13 Jan 1673 legitimate son of D. Juan de Colunga Cortés (III) and Da. Isabel Méndez Páez--I have not located a marriage record for Juan and Isabel. However, I can affirm D. Juan de Colunga marrying to his first wife Da. Josefa González on 3 Feb 1668 in the parish of Aguascalientes. He was the legitimate son of D. Juan de Colunga Cortés (II) "el mozo" to differentiate him from his father and Da. Gabriela de Anso Téllez y Torres de Rivera who were married on 19 Mar 1634 in Aguascalientes.

It is known that Da. Gabriela was the daughter of a wealthy comerciante (per the several financial records I have), D. Esteban de Anso y Téllez, a native of Mexico City and resident of Zacatecas and his wife, Da. Juana de Torres Rivera y Paz Cortés de Monroy, sister of the parish priest of Aguascalientes, el Bachiller D. Diego de Torres y Rivera whose will is in my possession. The Torres y Rivera family is very interesting as they held the Mayorazgos de Torres y Rivera in their own right and the Mayorazgo de Paz after the extinction of the male line of the Bribiesca-Vasconcellos it passed into the Torres y Rivera.

How do you connect to the Colunga Cortés?

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino


Thank you for this information. I connect to Juan de Colunga Cortés through my 8x great grandfather Francisco de Colunga that married Agustina Rosa de Robledo in 1708 in San Luis Potosí:

On Juana de Torres Rivera y Paz Cortés de Monroy, where does the Cortés de Monroy come from?

Danny C. Alonso

Great information on my 8th grandparents (Juan and Gabriela). Melendes, Rivas, Robledo Rutiaga seem to marry each other frequently among others. how did you know which juan de colunga was married to whom? The first Colunga is born in 1636 and I added him to Ysavel Mendes as I had not found Joan Colunga Anso until after I had merged records for Juan and Ysavel. Because the marriage record states JOAN Colunga married to Josepha Gonzales I thought it was a first marriage for both brothers until I found the marriage record but not the IM for Joseph Colunga

Joseph married to Francisca de la Cruz Melendez, seems to have a big age difference either between his wife or he was born past the age of Ysavel Mendez.


Good job on linking your Francisco de Colunga Cortés to the family tree, looking at the genealogy your lines suggests, your Andrea de Rutiaga y Orta is probably an aunt or another close relative of D. Vicente Manuel de Sardaneta y Legaspi, I Marqués de San Juan de Rayas, The Marquis' great grandmother was Da. Antonia de Rutiaga, same well-known mining family that dominated that area of San Luis Potosí. I am not sure the exact degree, but it would be worth researching. On the Cortés de Monroy please email me as my findings are not published yet.

Daniel Méndez de Torres y Camino

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