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By Yolie - Posted on 05 January 2017

I'm asking for help from my fellow Rancheros. I have family line to Joseph Manuel Alvarado and Perfecto Alvarado. Both have daughters one named Maria Dionisia Alvarado the other Maria Daria Alvarado. I found birth and marriage records that are so confusing and seem to point to possibly Joseph Manuel and Perfecto are the same person. However, documents show how the scribes constantly crossed reference the wrong Daria Alvarado or Dionisia Alvarado. They both married a Tello who were cousins.

Can someone help me confirm if Daria/Dionisia may have married the other cousin once the husband passed away. I will need to send the records for your review to help establish a definite conclusion and solve the confusion. I will be glad to communicate via personal email to better submit the records.




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