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Need help understanding a Civil Registration Record

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By LasFlores - Posted on 05 November 2016

I'm having trouble understanding a Civil Registration of a birth. This record is from Guanajuato, Mexico. The troublesome phrase regarding the father of the child who has come in to register the birth: casado cannonicamente y soltero segun la ley and the daughter is listed as , hija natural, and the mother is not named. I think I read the record correctly. In this child's baptism record she is listed as the legitimate child of the named parents. This couple had 2 earlier children, baptised in the same church and listed as legitimate children. Neither of the other two children's births were registered with the State.
Thank you, Gloria

Dear Gloria,
"casado cannonicamente" Means that they were married according to the church. But it also says that they were not married civilly. The kids were legitimate in the eyes of the church. In Mexico you traditionally have two separate marriages, one by the church and the other civil.

Rick A. Ricci

Hi Rick,

Yes, I understand that only a civil marriage is legal in Mexico but this record is from 1901 and I've never seen one like this before. But at long as we are both coming to the same conclusion...
Thank you, Gloria

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