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Where is the "Inbox" of NuestrosRanchos?

warning: Creating default object from empty value in /home/lafamilia/ on line 123.

By BusquedaOrnelas - Posted on 02 November 2016

I have messaged others, but either I have had something go wrong with my browser, or there is not a simple inbox for messages between members.

P.S. is anyone else getting this PHP error screen like I am? I get something similar to it on every NR page i visit.
"Creating default object from empty value in PHP?:
(See Screenshot)

I believe the inbox is the email used to create your account here.

If I sent a message to a user here, it should go to their email and from there, they respond back.

I get that error everytime and I don't think the email messaging works. Ive sent several emails to people and ive never gotten a response and I tried it once to someone that I communicate with through regular email and asked them and they never got it so i don't think it works.

Danny C. Alonso

Hello- same with me. I've in mailed many people but never heard back. I wonder if they ever received.

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