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Announce Digest, Vol 110, Issue 4

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By jbatiz - Posted on 25 October 2016

[Nuestros Ranchos] Contreras y Briseno

1. About Ysabel Garcia de Contreras
1.1 It is possible that Garcia was used as a second given name, not as
first surname.
Please read
"García was a very common first name in early medieval Spain."
1.2 I found an example in 'FamilySearch' web page
Father: Jn. Garzia De Contreras
Mother: Elena Franca
Son: Jn. Contreras
(folow this link)
1.3 Then, if the theory is true, Xtobal de Contreras did not inherit the
given name Garcia

2. Why 'Xtobal de Contreras' did not take his father surname?

2.1 It could be because he was an illegitimate child, but you say that
'Ysabel Garcia
De Contreras has a *legitimate* son ...' Why are you so sure of that?

2.2 In my experience, in the records of baptism no surnames are assigned
to the child. Instead the priest uses the phrase "I baptized a child who
was born x days ago and I named it Xtobal. He (She) is legitimate son of
[parent's names and surnames]". If you are lucky, the record you are
looking at has the names and surnames of the grandparents.

2.3 Before 1800, most people only used one surname, which was usually the
father's surname, although there were exceptions where some people decided
to use the mother's surname, or in very minority, other family's surname.

2.4 From the nineteenth century in Spain and Spanish America it was
imposed, first as use and later as standard in various administrative,
legal, military fields, among others, the double surname.

2.5 Today, the official rule in Mexico is father's first surname +mother's
first surname.

Best regards

2016-10-22 17:01 GMT-05:00 :

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> I found a record of a marriage in Mascota in the year of 1758. This is a
> marriage record of Gertrudis De Contreras and Pedro. If I'm reading this
> right,they have 4th grade of consanguinity. Apparently it goes like this:
> There are two legitimate sisters of the same parents: Maria De Contreras
> and
> Ysabel Garcia De Contreras. Maria has a daughter named Rosa Maria De
> Robles.
> Rosa has a son name Antonio Briseno who has a son named Pedro Briseno, who
> is
> marrying Gertrudis de Contreras. Ysabel Garcia De Contreras has a
> legitimate
> son named Xptobal De Contreras, my oldest ancestor. Xptobal has a son named
> Fausto who has a daughter name Gertrudis. I'm certain this Xptobal De
> Contreras is the one married to Catarina Sanchez and fathered Miguel,
> Pedro,
> and my ancestor, Xptobal De Contreras Sanchez. The timeline would fit. My
> only question is why did he inherit the Contreras name from his mother? Is
> it
> possible his father's name is also Contreras? So he'd be Cristobal De
> Contreras y Contreras? lol. Also she has the name Garcia before Contreras.
> Soo many questions.
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> Subject: [Nuestros Ranchos] Contreras y Briseno
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> Sounds like them! There are just a few questions I have but if you can
> provide the Dispensa, my questions can be better worded. There was a thread
> before about how the people in Nueva Galicia (Mexico) would name their
> children. I Believe Ricci said something recently, but anyway, from my
> experience and deduction not proven, Surnames of both parents are used to
> their convenience. When looking for a person it is best to look under both
> names. Sometimes, because the priest did not give a father the last name so
> they went by the mother's surname (this happen most times if one of the
> parents was an Indian, Mestiso and even a Espanol and many times for women
> unless it was a very well connected family I read somewhere that a last
> name
> of the most prestigious surname was used as a calling card, a last name of
> the mother to preserve the prestigious family name and I'm sure the
> membership has many more reasons to add. In working backwards in time, we
> may
> not think someone with a certain name is part of the family because it is
> totally different from the rest. The names in the 1400 to 1600 had many
> compounded names usually a family name with the place they originated in
> Spain. With compounded names part of the name would be used if the family
> they married into was also a influential name such as Quijas de Escalante,
> Sifuentes de Aleman, Ruis de Esparsa, Fernandez de Palos, Gomes de
> Hermosillo
> and etc. So in the 1900 to 1700 you find one relative with Quijas and
> another
> with Escalante, one with ruis and another with esparsa etc. So confusing.
> By
> the way I am a Rodriguez Rdz and I once worked with 2 other individuals who
> were lopez lopez and Garcia Garcia we sure confused alot of people that
> day.
> The Garcia before Contreras is a mystery that happens often. many threads
> have this same question. Ex: There was a Francisca Gabadi who was godmother
> to a Francisca Tiscareno so Francisca becaame Francisca Gabadi Tiscareno
> but
> that whole name has shown up in many different interpretations. Then there
> is
> a relative who changed her name from one name to Ruiz de Villasenor. Primo
> Manny from this membership figured that out but that in itself is a Novel.
> Yet another, had a surname along with the regular name while all the other
> children did not. Try reading the 10 volume set available from a public
> library of Mariano Gonzales Leal and see the different names it may
> overwhelm
> anyone.
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